How to improve your darting throw

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how to improve your darting throw, small adjustments in your body alignment can make a huge difference.

How to improve your darting throw

The basic principle is to throw through the dart from your elbow and keep your body still. Sounds simple but it's really not and there are many small factors people usually miss out.

Your style will be your natural choice to hold the dart a certain way, although this feels right it is often wrong. Flicking the dart in a spinning action is very common but can often send the dart on an angel or twist slightly which makes it veer into the 1 or a 5.

Where to aim? Well you want to make a parabolic flying curve where the dart goes up and back down into your target, this is the best way to throw a straight dart.

Yoru body form

The idea is to keep the perfect shape so the dart will reach the right height and remain straight. Hold the dart straight to the board and your target, keep your for-arm in line with your upper-arm. Then line up your shoulder to your elbow and aim your upper-arm towards your desired target.

Use these 4 points in a way that works with you, many players have to twist the dart sideways before release, although I wouldn't recommend this it is the only way some people can play such as Ronny Baxter. Many players do have strange styles but the best always implement these points.

Many people argue with the methods and try their own way which can work but you will have to add these to your style to be great. Take a look at the top 10 PDC rankings and you will see the majority throw with these methods. Players who stand more forward to the board often benefit from holding a lower elbow so they get more power in the throw from the bicep. Gary Anderson and Simon Witlock are known for this, Gary Anderson recent PDC world championship winner has a unique style but still uses a still body and great form in the arm.


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author avatar Harris Mungai
10th Jan 2015 (#)

I used to play darts along time but gave up along the way because I felt miserable when I couldn't hit the bull's eye.

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author avatar troyangeluk
10th Jan 2015 (#)

:) Darts is boring alone but playing against other people is god fun. I practice alone and get fed up after an hour lol.

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author avatar Natraj
11th Jan 2015 (#)

Very nice post and enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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