How to influence a pair of dice with your mind

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Everything in reality comes down to movement and vibration, including thought and gross physical realities. When I think of influencing things like dice and basic mental control, these are also based on manipulating vibrations, especially thought in relation to physical reality.

Think about this:

When Claude Myron Bristol wrote his books "The Magic Of Believing" and "TNT: It Rocks The Earth", people could only think usually these types of thoughts: It takes work to get anything, you need to work to eat, and all that "stuff" is mystical and crazy. I do not have all of the answers or even a modicum of them, but, I will say this, no matter what the "experts" say there is more to vibrations that meets the eyes or mind.

Now, I am not being irrational here, but everything in reality if it comes to atoms and molecules, and light, it does come down to vibration. Sometimes, I think of Walter Russell's essay "The Electrical Nature of the Universe" also, if everything is made of light and vibration, what makes you think it cannot be changed by the same no matter how thick and unchangeable the reality may seem at the time it is in existence.

As I was watching parts of California (the State I live in), being burned, I thought of the reality that everything right down to changeable fire, or "solid" earth is vibration, and as vibration is the most changeable commodity in existence, "easy come, easy go" is truer and more real than ever and always will be.

Sure, some may be made uncomfortable recognizing this malleable nature of reality, some may feel that "yes, I can change things for the better" feeling. But either way, the law works for all who feel either way the same way. Existence is the law of vibration and attraction, all other theories and wishful thinking is nothing. I mean, when the atom was split for the explosion should have been ultimate proof of that, but no, we needed more right down to electric cell powered computers, phones, and solar vibration collectors for energy and wind power to drive the point home for us.

If you need the biggest proof of all:

Influence a pair of dice at the cellular level with your mind when relaxing, and it will prove my reality that everything is vibration, right down to what we plug in or concentrate intently on.

So, Tesla, the inventor "superman" said quite simply what it all came down to when he talked, practiced and wrote about magnetism and vibration anyway. After all, energy and matter are interchangeable in that sense also. So, if you need the smallest proof of all, influence some dice with your thoughts, or count shuffling cards and win a hand.

Indeed, though, I will keep it simple.

When you think of the strength of vibration, you are thinking of the power of everything. From the low range of vibration like "solid, unmoving" dirt or mud to the finest vibrations, ultraviolet waves or thought and consciousness, everything is vibration. How simple can I make reality in this article? This is as simple and direct as I can make it all for you, but, I can also only tell you this as a disclaimer of sorts, prove to yourself that it is all real. Existence and life come down to magnetism, vibration and little else. Any other explanations for it all are "snake oil" to me.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
12th Dec 2017 (#)

Interesting, this.

Once I was playing a game of backgammon and was so far behind my opponent that I needed to throw 3 double sixes in a row to win the game - I told the dice what I needed and they performed.

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