How to keep your computer running smooth

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Is your computer running slow? Things don't work the way they used to? Try some of the solutions in this guide to help identify and solve the problem.

Malicious Software

Viruses, Trojan Horses, Malware, Spyware...All those nasty words and phrases that nobody likes to hear.

As simple as they are to protect against, viruses are incredibly effective at slowing down your computer, invading your privacy, stealing your personal information and sometimes making your computer completely inoperable.
A virus will never get better on its own, your computer needs you to take care of it.

Installing anti-virus software is incredibly important. It's very easy to prevent your computer from getting a serious virus, but extremely difficult to remove it once it has buried itself deep in your system files.

"Avast! Antivirus", "Malwarebytes" and "AVG Antivirus" are my personal favorite free anti-malware programs. "Norton's Antivirus" and "Avast! Professional" are even better, but you have to pay to use them.
If you're already infected with a virus, all you can do is use these programs to scan your system. Several antivirus programs working together can find different things, as they all specialize in finding different types of malicious content.

Not enough RAM

Random Access Memory is extremely important in regards to the speed of your computer. Right now, right click 'My Computer' (or 'Computer') and hit 'Properties'. Your RAM amount should be displayed at the bottom, the power displayed in GHz and the amount displayed in GB or MB. 1000 MB is equal to 1 GB, and it's recommended that you have 2 GB of RAM if running XP, and about 4 if you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

If you need more RAM, I personally recommend, however, there are several sites online where you can buy it cheaply. Retail stores will typically charge much more for computer parts, so it's best not to get it from them.

Obsolete Hardware

It's possible that your computer may simply not have the proper hardware to do the types of activity you are trying to do. If you're interested in upgrading your computer, feel free to check out my other page for more information.


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1st Oct 2010 (#)

Thanks for these tips, I have tried AVG too.

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