How to learn and speak ur girlfriend’s language like a native speaker within a few months to impress her.

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In this article I presented how to learn a language to be able speak like a native within a few months.
1. Which skills are important for you!
2. How to study effectively!

How to learn and speak a language most effectively like a native speaker just within a few months.

1. Which skills are important for you!

In learning a language, remember Listening is the most powerful and important tool for us. Only listening can help u become an expert user within a very short period of time.

In learning how to pronounce a word exactly like a native speaker especially and most importantly in different situations with different tones of the conversation can only be learned from Listening. So u may have a question, “How about the other skills?” Of course, grammar is also important for u but if u emphasize on grammar, it will pull back and slow down your Speaking skill. You may come to think tenses and other parts of grammar before you speak every sentence. So, if you know how it works in that language, u can leave it.

How about Reading and Writing skills? Yes, like I said but these skills are also very good tools just for an academic student. Do you know that everyday usages come from Speaking not from the other skills you have emphasized in school for years. Remember you just want to know how to speak that language. You are not trying to be a good writer. So leave it. Do not waste your time to impress your sweetheart.

The most important thing u must study along with Listening skill are Vocabulary and Speaking skill. You can not leave them. If you ask me which of them is most important, I would say “If you try to leave one of them, it will cost you double time. You will see below why they also very important.

2. How to study!

When you approach a language, make sure that you know every single alphabet of that language whether they are vowels or consonants and how they are formed or pronounced that will help you a lot in trying to understand the sound linking from the speaking of that proper language.

Never ever lean a word alone with definition. Learn collocation words as much as you can with example sentences and try to use them whenever possible and as much as you can. Do more listening day by day. Practice every single word from the listening till your pronunciation become superb. “And your sound linking skill will become perfect automatically.” Now we can say that your Speaking skill is also become perfect. To be able to speak like a native speaker you must be able to use linking sound. Sound linking needs a little bit speed. Means you don’t have time to think about that’s why I do not recommend grammar books. If you are willing to give time, spend on phonetic lessons about a couple of weeks. That will help you a lot than studying grammar. It will help you pronounce a word exactly without having to listen. It will help you write every word without having misspelling. Moreover, it will help you memorize every word easily than you have ever imagined. But to reach this level, your pronunciation of the words must be trained till excellent. Oh, one of the important things is making sure you catch all the meanings very well from the phonetic study of vocabulary so that so that it would be worth time giving.

Most of you may think basic speaking is far enough for us. I suggest you to keep up your learning. Don’t forget that, according to my technique, if you keep up practicing the sound linking skill you have learned will help your listening skill far better than the other skills. Because of your advance listening skill, you will notice every word and how do they use in that sentence. Now, even your unconscious mind will have been memorized the grammar patterns. That’s why we never make grammar mistake in writing of our native language. If you are still worry about writing, do a little more Grammar after this.

I wish everyone happy and easy learning. :)
Author Richard Shing.

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