How to look Irresistible at the Work Christmas Party

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A ladies guide to surviving and prospering at your work Christmas party, whether you're the office newbie or a seasoned office veteran.


Unlimited food, endless new gifts, great television and of course, party season. We’ve worked hard all year for this one night where all standards seem to be thrown out of the window. Suddenly it’s ok to be leant up a bar doing Jager Bombs with your manager, it’s Christmas after all. Perhaps this year it’s time to take a new approach. Maybe you‘re new to the office environment and are unsure how to handle the work Christmas doo. There is another way to socialize with your co-workers, without kissing them.

You’re A Lady, Remember?

With every sip of drink, you will lose more inhibitions, so know your limits. If you’re lucky enough to finish work at 3pm, pace yourself. Enjoy a celebratory Cava with co-workers but also indulge in the snacks; it’s not every day you’re offered free food right? Make the most of that too, not just the booze. It’s likely if you’re based in a large office you’ll be surrounded by colleagues you often don’t see.

Now is not a good time to bring up Dave’s Turkey holiday pictures you were stalking last Thursday, that’s best kept quiet. Yes, Dave is cute, and looked great in those pictures however I find being too familiar too soon does nobody any good.

You’re A Professional, Remember?

There are a lot of things that are great to do with our mates in the pub; crying, hysterically laughing, and using colourful language, getting rude and the occasional vom. Just standard Friday night behaviour for many, however, these things have a lasting impression on the person who decides if you receive that promotion next month.

Yes, you want people to think you’re a fun time Frankie, just do it without taking your bra off and getting on a table. After sufficient pacing and plenty of snacks, you should be ready for a little dance.

You’re Not a Great Dancer, Remember?

Many would say dancing is definitely something that should have no rules. To some extent of course, I agree. There is nothing I enjoy more than taking my heels off and attempting the splits (I could do it at 16, what’s 10 years going do really?) it makes a huge difference, I can’t do it, it’s time to stop trying. So when you see that pole, look at it and ask yourself, is it really worth it?

I recommend keeping the clutch firmly under your arm to begin with, don’t put it on the floor in front of you and form a circle to dance around it. That always ends bad and is reminiscent of your mother, she does that at weddings. Just a nice casual dance, champagne in one hand, clutch firmly under the other, there’s no room for big arm gestures. You look collected, respectable and classy. This should last until the boss goes home, only then can you rethink your dancing approach.

You Spent A Lot Of Money On That Dress, Remember?

So if you’re doing the party season correctly, you’ll have bought yourself a new outfit for the occasion. Most likely you started looking mid-October, it’s now December 18th and the moment has finally arrived. You’re looking the best you have for a while, people are taking a second glance because for once you’re not in jeans and H&M basic t-shirt. It may even be that you’re rocking a designer piece, so all the more reason not to be that person eating a kebab off the floor gone 1 am.

It’s important when choosing what to wear that you are looking in the right places and picking the right style. For the more mature lady, I’d suggest looking for a nice black number, of course accessorising with lots of Christmas sparkle. For the larger lady, the fashion world is opening up to all needs and there are so many amazing designer plus size dresses available. Allowing you to embrace the curve and feel fantastic. Perhaps you’re coming in as the young newbie and are unsure if your usual skimpy going outfit is appropriate? If you’re talking as skimpy as my early 20’s dresses, it’s most likely not and I therefore would advise you to go a little more classic. A personal favourite is a jumpsuit, pick one with a cut out back, this way you can still feel that little bit special.

Thanks for Reading

I hope this has been insightful and you all thoroughly enjoy your Christmas parties. Enjoy yourself, look great, feel great, be great. It may seem like too many rules but I assure you, it’s for the greater good. Monday morning will come, your career will hopefully continue and you won’t have to avoid Dave from third floor for the rest of your working days.


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