How to perform well on your first gig?

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Every giant in the music industry will remember their first live act.

How To Perform Well On Your First Gig?

Every musician or band will remember their first gig and the pressures that come with it.There can be a lot of expectations and unnecessary doubt when it comes to the first live performance.However it should be noted that this is usually the case for most and such pressures and worries go away with time.There are several things that can be done to ensure that the first gig is favorable with the crowd.

Every performer or band will know that there is nothing without stage presence present in their performance.The great musicians are known for their live acts because they bring something to the stage which is raw or uniquely theirs.For example the late James Brown is a legendary live performer who has always managed to thrill his audiences.There is no doubt he is a talented musician.However Brown has mentioned several times that the key to his live performances is his stage presence.And it took him hours of practice to have the confidence to capture the stage.Not every musician will have the talent to go on to greatness but any musician can copy the clues left behind by the great musicians through practice.

Practice is key to any live performance.It is absolutely essential during the first few gigs that the performer remains a sponge and absorb their stage presence.To build stage presence is usually done by practicing consistently well over a wide variety of environments and positions. Practice while sitting down or standing up.The band should take the time to sing to a friend or group of friends first to build his confidence and stage presence. It is essential to develop this habit especially before their first gig.

Rehearsals should be for every party to coordinate and practice together.Most importantly, it is not for one party to teach another party how to play their part.To make practices easier, each member must put in their own effort before coming to rehearsals.Poor coordination between members will be easy to spot on a stage while playing to a live crowd.

Every musician has to work on their stage presence.It should be noted that while practice is important,it is also important to ensure that the crowd are entertained visually.For example Lady Gaga is an amazing visual sight when it comes to live performances while Michael Jackson's fame was cemented by the first moonwalk.Both were great musicians in their own way but it was their visual performances that made them outstanding.Any newcomer getting ready for their first gig must think of a good visual performance that will captivate the crowd.

The next important thing is to know the venue well. It is necessary to know the crowd that you will performing for and what is expected of the band.If it is a large crowd, the expectations are usually higher. The reason being that it is not an intimate crowd and that if the music is not well rehearsed, the crowd can loose interest fast.Smaller crowds are easier for first time performers.Most important,every band has to take note how many sets that are expected of them.Not every band will be jeered for a poor performance but every band will be jeered for a poorly rehearsed performance.

The last tip for anybody on their first gig is to just go out and enjoy themselves.There can be no greater joy than to let go and let the performance speak for itself.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
12th Mar 2011 (#)

Hey Shaun Jarmen,
A very good advice to perform well.
Practice and practice until you're thorough.

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author avatar Adithya G
19th Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks for the good advice .

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