How to prepare your house for a hurricane

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It is also true that you can take some measures and reinforce your house to withstand the power of a hurricane. The following tips will help you to prepare your house for a hurricane.

How to prepare your house for a hurricane

Hurricanes can be quite a nightmare and they can cause major damage to your property too. Especially if you are not well prepared for one you may be taken by surprise by the level of damage that a hurricane can do to your house.

It is also true that you can take some measures and reinforce your house to withstand the power of a hurricane. The following tips will help you to prepare your house for a hurricane.

1. Install shutters in your house if it lacks them, windows with wooden panels will help to protect you from any flying objects during a hurricane. You should use permanent hurricane shutters on the windows and the doors of the house.

Pre-drilling of holes approximately eighteen inches for each installation of screws is a good way of preparing for the hurricane. The wooden panels should be kept in a place where you can easily reach them during an emergency. Each panel should be clearly marked so that it is easy to determine which window it is meant for.

2. The roof is also another area of the house that needs to be worked upon, this is the first structure of a house that might be ripped apart by the strong hurricane winds. You should reinforce the connection between the walls and the roof with hurricane straps as a way to resist a hurricane uplift.

Reinforcing of the double entry front doors and garage doors should also be considered as a measure against a hurricane. Remove any weak tree branches from your compound that are bound to break or damage your house during the strong winds.

3. Have an emergency exit route in your house which you can use to escape in case the hurricane gets really violent. This passage should be clear with no objects that can cause you and your family to trip while trying to escape during a hurricane.

Every member of the family should be informed about the emergency exit route and it is also important that you keep your car with at least half tank of gas and have all your weather resistant clothing and shoes nearby.

4. If you have some furniture in your backyard or your porch be sure to keep it safely away, you never know what type of hurricane that is coming your way. It is also key to remember that a hurricane can show up anytime, being alert during such moments is highly desirable.

5. Work on your gutters and drains, this will help with clearing and prevention of flooding during the heavy downpour that is common with hurricanes. Make sure that all your gutters and drains are debris free.

6. If you own pets then it is advisable that you plan in advance for them and determine how you will keep them safe during the hurricane. You can opt to transfer them to the garage area temporarily or anywhere else in the house that is safe.

7. All members of your household should be familiar with the warning signs of a oncoming hurricane and they should also know what to do. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes then take time to study the community's disaster preparation plans that have been tabled.

This will help you to know what to do when a hurricane is coming as a member of that community.

8. Stock up of grocery supplies, which should also include drinking water, first aid supplies, a radio and some basic tools such as a flashlight, gloves lanterns,batteries.

You should pack a suitcase with a few clothes and anything that you might need in case the hurricane is so strong that you can to leave your house for a few days.

Remember to also pack all your important documents such as insurance policies, birth certificates, among other documents.

You should also pack your laptop and computer and move with them just in case there is a flood during the hurricane. Keep all your packed items nearby just in case you have to dash out of the house in a few seconds.


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