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A few suggestions you need to cater before driving and its a Must to follow them.

32 killed as bus, oil tanker collide in Pakistan - January 23, 2011

Today the news with which all the channels were blurting was the accident that had occurred in southern part of Sindh in Pakistan due to a collision between an oil tanker (carrying 40,000 liters) with a bus (carrying 33 passengers) who unfortunately were burnt to death at the spot!
The news really moved me with immense grief and I couldn't stop thinking about the feeling they might have experienced at the very last moments of their life!

The Headline read :
Thirty-two people, including 11 children, were killed and about 20 others injured when the bus they were travelling in collided with an oil tanker in Pakistan's southern Sindh province, officials said on Sunday. The collision late last night near Hyderabad city triggered a massive fire as the tanker was loaded with around 40,000 litres of fuel.
Reports said the bus rammed into the back of the oil tanker parked by the highway after the driver apparently fell asleep.

Utter Dismay

On way to a beautiful journey they met their fateful destiny and left everyone dazzled with the ferocity and pain with which they left this world!
Although such horrendous events have now become comparatively less prioritized to our news channels due to their frequent happenings but this incident really exceeded the conventional death toll. Half burnt cell phones, 500 and 100 rupee notes and a kids jacket at the back of which a bee was smiling ( as if smiling sarcastically at the treacherous fate of the innocent being) passed my sight.

Cause - Slumber

But to our dismay the reason behind this frightful incident is not a new one but has been the reason of many other such accidents that happen throughout the world 24/7.
Yes you might have guessed it right but to confirm your presumption let me tell you that the driver had slumbered for a while and this momentous nap had cost all together 34 people their lives. Majority of the road accidents that we witness in our hometowns, cities and countries are attributed to this instant slumbering while driving that result in disastrous accidents.

Make sure you are out of any of the following mess . . .

I just thought to beware all the drivers reading this so that they can ensure safe driving and safety to their and others lives as well.

1. Make sure that you are entirely fresh and gay before taking hold of the steering
2. When out on long trips and journeys that ask for long hours of non-stop driving, make sure that you take nap for a sufficient time and make yourself feel comfortable and fresh enough to continue further.
3. Make sure that while driving you are not drinking or taking any type of drugs.
4. Avoid, please avoid any sort of intake of either alcohol, liquor or usage of drugs before driving.
5. Some people have the habit of leaving their houses in state of fury and drive down to some secluded place, either a beach or a park or whatsoever. This is a very dangerous habit, because consequently to run ahead of our anger and rage we tend to drive at exceedingly fast speed without having the proper senses about what we are doing.
6. When going through any mental stress, whether its out of office work or a break up or because the tension of you being broke , DO NOT DRIVE!!! Because at that point we fail to focus on any other thing other than the one thats on our mind. And since driving regards complete mental and physical attention and receptivity.
7. Be careful not to use your cell phones , I pods or any such devices during driving.

Just be 100% sure that you aren't supporting any of these symptoms!

Call 911

If you see anyone violating the laws and ethics of driving, ensuring the avoidance and the happening of a devastating accident, immediately call helpline to complain against such nuts!
And fulfill you responsibility as being a loyal citizen and duty to protect your other countrymen.

May God keep us all blessed and safe!

Lets join hands

Lets join hands to combat against these very evils that might be breeding within us as well and in alot of people around us who probably are of great concern for us!

If they aren't, still its your responsibility to spread awareness about this deadly disease to save loss if precious lives in future!
Lets stand together and spread the word, eliminate this problem and build a better future by making our roads safe.
After all roads are what will take us ahead and lead us towards a prosperous future!

Own it!!!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Wow what a tragic accident. Those poor people. Yes, texting, driving drunk, and driving when tired are all dangerous things that can be avoided.

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author avatar Humza
24th Jan 2011 (#)

Thnx mark for stopping by!

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author avatar Retired
24th Jan 2011 (#)

yes a good thing emphasized for all of us to act upon.
good work mashallah.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
24th Jan 2011 (#)

Ditto Mark's comments.

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author avatar Hassan sarwar
25th Jan 2011 (#)

all and one is good.when your govt even is not intrested to have sum proper highways out dare where these sort ov accidents happens den whts da deal?like wht u expect from da oil tanker and a bus?when they pass from a place where even cars driver hezitate to go through..rather den your points better mode ov road communication and driving regions should be revised in order to avoid such flows!

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author avatar Humza
25th Jan 2011 (#)

very true assan, thnx for the comment!

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author avatar Martin King
15th Feb 2011 (#)

Yes call 911 if you see any of these idiot, by the way I would have to call 999 living here in Scotland, thanks for sharing

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author avatar Denise O
14th Apr 2011 (#)

How sad it is that this has happened. We see it all the time here in America. Truck drivers having to make their destination in a alloted time and so they do not get the sleep they need. Now that fuel prices have gone up, it will only get worse, sadly. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Shirley Ann
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks bfor these important tips. I've been up all night at the computer here in the great state of Virginia. Will nap before drivivg today. Good advice.

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