How to roast beef in a slow cooker?

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The article discusses on how to roast beef in a slow cooker.

Introduction to the slow cookers

There is a rapid rise in slow cooker dishes. Because of the feasibility of slow cookers and moreover they add up extra taste to the food. They cook the food on lower temperature which saves power bill. It expenditures very little energy to cook or roast compared to other roasting products. Moreover, the simmer cooking process of the cooker makes the food a well-cooked recipe. This best suits the people who want their food to be prepared without strain. However, to get the ultimate taste of any recipe irrespective of the method used for cooking, it is very important to follow the perfect way to cook the recipe. This article discusses about the perfect way to prepare beef roast recipe in a slow cooker. So, we start here.

Primary steps before roasting the beef in a slow cooker

• First of all you need to learn about the temperature settings of the cooker at which it best cooks. In the slow cooking process, it is very important that the beef should possess normal temperature. It means that you cannot use the beef which has been just taken out of freezer. First of all, allow it to attain a normal temperature.
• Next, you need to garnish it for a better taste. Add your favourite spices with some ginger to add up more taste, and use little quantity of ginger that is desiccated and pulverized. Mix up all the ingredients including beef and let it rest for some time.

Secret to get beef crust

The roasted beef tangs good with layer. Here is a tip to get the beef coating.

First of all take a skillet and add some oil to it. When oil in the skillet heats up add cove leaves and then place the beef shards, in the scorching pan. Now, you can comprehend the beef is getting brownish, turn upside down to make both the sides of beef fried, and attain brownish colour. This step certainly makes your roasted beef more delicious.

Placing in slow cooker

Take the seared beef and place it in the slow cooker with a temperature at 200F. Also note that, its internal temperature should be below 5 degree. Slow cooker allows you to cook according to your desire. It is up to you, you want the beef to be cooked thoroughly or medium. I suggest you to follow the criteria of cooking available in various manuals. Now, you can leave the beef in the slow cooker for 7-8 hours, meanwhile get back to your work.

Final step

Finally, you can heat the beef at 500F for about 10 minutes. This makes the beef get a good-looking crust. When the process is completed, take out the roasted beef out of the cooker and leave it for few minutes on the table. Have patience, let the heat get slowly released.


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