How to save at the Grocery Store

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At first it may seem that one can't save that much at a grocery store, but think about it: How many times a week do you go there? How many times have you bought something, just to end up throwing half or more of it away because it does not get used up?

Common Sense Approaches

The most sensible suggestions seems to avoid impulse buys. Yet we have all made them. There is really truth to the saying: Don't go to the store hungry. However, there are other strategies we can employ that are easy and that will save money.

The most important thing to remember is to know your grocery chains. Know what their average prices are and what specials they usually carry. However, don't go out of your way just because you want to shop at a certain place for prestige or because they have a 2-for-1-special. Today's gas prices will swallow up quickly any savings that you think you may make on an item.

Read the grocery inserts from the newspapers. This may seem like a chore at first, but this can be done on the weekend, and you can plan ahead at which stores you will buy what. This is also a good time to make a list. Lists serve 2 purposes: To stay away from impulse buys and to avoid wasting gas having to go back to the store because you forgot something.

If you have kids, don't take them to the grocery store with you when you do the major grocery shopping. Kids will make us buy stuff whether we plan it or not, plus they get bored having to be dragged along for hours. Set aside some time to just take them to shop for themselves. When you do take them, set limits on what they can buy. This may seem impossible, but if you start them at a young age it will work. Not only will that reduce your spending, it will teach them good habits and money sense.

Be careful with coupons. Yes they can save money if properly used, but always do the math: Is this an item or brand I normally buy? If not, does it really save me money.

You can also save money if you do your grocery shopping during your lunch hour (if you can). Not only does it save gas, but you will be by yourself and you won't be pressured by family members to buy things that you really don't want to spend money on.

All it takes is some time to think about our habits and patterns when it comes to grocery stores. With just a few minor adjustments we can all save money there.


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