How to speak parseltoungue: Part 2

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Tried to come up with logical and more concrete hypothesis and solution for this question.

Solving the mystery and Finding Solution

In my previous articles "How to speak parseltoungue and Mouse singing like a bird", I have talked about the possibility of speaking language of animal. In this article, I am planning to go bit more deeper and logical in hypothesis. The scientific experiment by the scientists have already proved that it is possible for the animal to speak language of any other animal by performing gene modifications. While, I had a belief till now that it is possible to speak any language by simply learning to correlate the sound produced by the organism with the task it performs. The reason I felt was because among human languages, one the methods used to understand, learn and speak a different language is to first start using body language with the the words so that the person can understand them and slowly he/she learns and understands those words and then start speaking them.

At first instance, both studies might appear contradicting, but then this is the challenge of how to correlate them. According to me, the mystery lies in the use of the frequency and its pattern. Scientists have proved that human ears can hear between 20-20,000 Hz, but there are some other animals which can listen at different frequency range. The existence of such difference is a mystery to me. Secondly, the recognition of frequency pattern is a mystery. Different human languages and animal languages despite having same frequency have different frequency pattern. Some pattern we can understand and recognize while others we cannot. The first answer which it comes to my mind is that everything has to do with the genetic make-up of organisms, but deeper thinking suggests that genes might be important in determining by frequency range. However, understanding and speaking different frequency pattern is lot more dependent on our ability to pick up and speak those pattern. The reason, I would like to suggest such a hypothesis because since history there has some incidents been reported that children who survive and grow in absence of human contact cannot speak any human language rather have developed and speak animal language.

Still, I feel this explanation does not explain the reason behind mouse speaking in bird's voice. But, before I make any claims, I would like to declare that I could not find out whether a particular gene was modified or was the any gene got activated or their is change in the expression level of a particular gene. Since, except in the case of gene modification, other two events can occur due to environmental trigger. This reason seems to me very bleak. So, the only option left is gene modification. In this case, the hypothesis made in previous paragraph will only hold true, if we can prove that mouse has much lesser genetic capability to learn and speak different frequency as compared to humans. As a result, humans with there exisitng set of genes only can learn and speak different languages while mouse need to get there genes modified to enhance there capability.

Hence, it is a very interesting field to explore because if this hypothesis is true then we can really someday learn the magical snake language. A language, I believe, must have spellbound all the Harry Potter fans. The experience will never be nothing less than dream come true. Today, this might sound like crazy hypothesis but then before Wright Brothers aircraft was nothing more than fiction.

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Thanks for sharing

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Not one word of Parseltoungue, just ramblings about science and then complete change of site and topic. -1, you rambling fail.

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