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Must read facts about web marketing if you are new to it. if you are starting to promote something online, do it the right way, do not think of straight away moving to an advanced level as it will not benefit you much initially. If you follow these steps, you can get the initial boost and not follow a difficult path or do some damaging optimization that adversely effects your marketing(site).

What should be the first step?

If its a website or a blog, the first step is submitting your site to search engines, making social network profiles on Facebook and Twitter, making groups and getting likes to your pages, sharing the link all over the internet, wherever you can.

We all know the first steps, what is the next step?

The second step is where everyone goes wrong, after long waiting for SEO to kick in you will realize that it is absolutely necessary if you want to be famous to advertise with services like adwords. In my opinion Adwords is the most important step you will have to follow to get your site famous, without advertising, you can do all the SEO, hire as many services as you may but initially the traffic will be almost zero.
There are just two things that can advertise your site online
1. Advertisement - The best one is obviously google here, but there are more
2. Social networks or blogs

For how long is a site in the initial state? When do you realize to stop that initial advertisement?

You will know, once your site has a significant position in search engines, or you get a lot of organic traffic, you may stop advertising, but to my experience, advertisements on google like sites will never hurt, yes reduce bids but from time to time you can advertise your site.
You must always be active on social networks, it has now become an important web marketing strategy. Increase shares and likes, increase followers, get comments.

Start SEO

After all these steps, now comes SEO, increasing site speed, responce, on page and off page seo, backlink building and so on, but by now you would have known how to market something on the internet, what to do and where to find something. By this step you have developed a strategy of your own, if you still need help now, you can search many techniques on the web.
My advice is to get on top of something like google, never try to trick search engines, as they have developed a lot of things to know what you are doing, if you don't know absolutely what you are doing, do not take a risk, for your help here are some things to look out for
1. Cheap payed links, like 5$ for pr9 links, 20 links etc, they will be build maybe, but they will not do any good as they will be build by automated softwares, no one is sitting there for hours building links for you, you can do that too by a software, but these links can be recognized by many sites as spams, they do not look natural, there are ways to figure out fake links, do not do it if you are not just the expert for it.
2. The cheaper SEO companies that will try to trick you, it is very difficult to know the badones, maybe they will try market your site, but do not have the right knowledge to it or its that they want to earn from you and don't care what happens to your site, but there are alot of SEO companies that may get you a penalty in search engines.
3. Do not overdo a single backlink building technique, it may give you a penalty.
4. Do not concentrate on just one thing, there are many ways you have to improve yourself, on page optimization is much easier than link building, but you do need to build links no matter how good your site is.
5. Never work hard for a single link, there is no link that will be worth even hundreds of other links. And yes it might be easy to get a hundred links than concentrating on just that one link.
6. Do not get involved in torrents, warez or anything considered bad by a search engine, your rating will be effected. I don't mean that you can't do it, but do not use you site links or google ids or facebook ids for that related to you site.


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Good informative piece. Thanks for sharing.

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