How to stay safe when your car breaks down!

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what happens when your car breaks down, simple steps to take to reduce the danger when you break down.

What happens when you breakdown?

Cars are fantastic , a safe and comfortable way of getting around. However it is a sad fact that cars break down. Two years ago I was in my car on the motorway when the Turbo blew on mycar and with much reduced engine power I crawled to a halt on the hard shoulder. Frightened, me! You bet I was!

What can you do when the car stops working?

How you react to a car breakdown depends on what type of road ou are driving on. On ordinary roads it is good practice to pull off the road as far as you can and switch your hazard warning lights on to warn any other motorists of the potential danger. Last year I had a puncture and I was able to pull off the road onto the well lit forecourt of a petrol station. This was very thoughtful of me as it gave a good light source for my poor husband who was changing the tyre for me.
Luckily both times I had a breakdown I had my mobile phone on me, so I could easily summon help. If you are phoning a breakdown service make sure that they give you some means of identification when they arrive. Don't immediately get out of the car,giving profuse thanks, but wind the window down a little until you have seen their ID card. If you have called the breakdown service they should have your name, wait for the "knight of the road" to address you by your name or ask of you are that person.

Breaking down on the motorway

You need to take even more care if you break down on a motorway. If you think you can get to an exit or service station safely, then do so. If, however, you can't drive any further pull over onto the hard shoulder and immediately put your hazard warning lights on. It is not safe to stay in your car, there have been a number of accidents caused by motorists driving into a car parked on the hard shoulder. Make sure that you and your passengers all get out of the car carefully by using the passenger door . Once outside move to the far edge, walking onto any embankment if you can. Follow the arrows to the emergency phone and call for help telng them the name and phone number of your breakdown service .If you have children, do not leave them, consider using your mobile phone instead. if you are a woman alone or with children advise the service as you should be given priority.
If, whilst you are waiting for help, a car pulls up, phone the police and give them the registration number. If you can, lock yourself in your car, and await help.

Looking after you, not the car

Make sure that when you are driving, especially at night, that you have the phone number of a reliable taxi firm, in case you cannot get your car going again. However you should follow the same safety precautions and wait to see the taxi drivers ID card before you get out of the car. If you are at al worried phone the taxi firm to make sure that it is your taxi, rather than an unlicensed mini cab.

You should be relatively safe when your car breaks down but emergencies do happen so it is important to know the best ways to stay safe.


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good tips for staying safe if your car breaks down

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