How to thread a bobbin of a sewing machine

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This article gives you step by step instructions on how to thread a bobbin for a sewing machine.

How to thread a bobbin of a sewing machine

When sewing you will reach a point where you have to add more thread so that you can finish sewing. Bobbins are metallic spools that may have holes on their sides through some bobbins lack holes on the sides. Most bobbins will fit in most old singer sewing machines.

You first of all have to wind up the thread from your thread spool in an even manner onto the spool of the bobbin.

Afterwards, you need to install the bobbin which has wound up thread back into the sewing machine before resuming the sewing. The following tips will help you to thread a bobbin on an old singer sewing machine.

Step 1

The first thing that you have to do is to lift the pressure foot on the sewing machine. This is operated by a simple lever found in the sewing machine head. The pressure foot is either behind or alongside the needle.

Step 2

After lifting the pressure foot, raise the needle by turning the rotary wheel which is located on the right side of your sewing machine.

Step 3

Now you can access the bobbin, open the bobbin plate which is flush with the surface of the sewing machine. It will slide open or you can lift it up. Use your fingers to access the inside part, you will feel a round metallic container which is about the size of a quarter standing upright, this is the bobbin holder.

The holder has a metal lever on the side,which you should lift at the end and pull the bobbin holder sideways in order to remove it from the sewing machine. Gently slide out the empty bobbin.

Step 4

Remove the thread from the needle by lifting the thread spool already in the rod found at the top of the sewing machine. Gently wind the thread back on the spool and leave only 8 inches.

Step 5

Find the bobbin winding rod which is on the right side at the front of the sewing machine. There is a small rubber wheel which has a small metal rod.

You will place your bobbin on the small metal rod. You will see a small notch on the side of the bobbin which aligns with a small nub on the wheel that locks the bobbin into position.

Step 6

Use your finger to feel the inside of the large rotary wheel that drives the sewing machine and find a small wheel which you will use to disengage the sewing machine so that you van turn the rotary part. Gently turn the wheel towards yourself

Step 7

Look for an upright rod for the thread spool which is normally below the bobbin winder.
Place the thread spool on this rod.

On the right side of the spool is a small pulley like wheel, bring the thread under this pulley and roll it up to the bobbin. You should also pass thread through the hole of the left side of the bobbin and thread it from the inside part of the bobbin. You will then see a small thread end to the left side of the bobbin.

Step 8

Gently press down the small chrome lever which is centered over the bobbin. This action will press the rubber wheel against the large rotary wheel which will cause the bobbin to spin when the rotary wheel spins.

There are some levers that lock while others don't lock, if the lever does not lock then, you have to press using one hand and hold the thread out from the bobbin using your other hand. You can then start the rotary wheel by either kicking the treadle or you can press the electric foot pedal on the sewing machine.

Step 9

Hold one end of the thread and guide it evenly across the bobbin so that the rotary wheel spins. When the bobbin spool is full stop the rotary, lift the lever and slide the bobbin off. Then turn the inner wheel on the side in a clockwise direction ans re-engage the sewing head. Remove and add thread to your sewing machine.

Step 10

Using your left hand hold the empty bobbin container and place the bobbin into the container so that the thread is in a clockwise direction.

When you do this you will see a slot on the top of the bobbin container which should move upwards to the right side,then bring the end part of your bobbin thread into the slot to a small circular hole where it will move slightly upwards and you feel it hold.

Step 11

The last step for you to do is to turn the rotary wheel with your hand to lower the needle which has thread into the sewing machine. When you bring the needle up it should have picked up the thread on the bobbin.

Gently pull the remainder of the thread through the hole found on the chrome plate ans close the bobbin access panel. After this, you can now continue with your sewing.


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