How to use "down time" or how to get through low-energy periods

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We all must face it. We all must live through it. We all must deal with it. The thing we all must face, live through and deal with is "down time".

"Down time" are those times when not much seems to be happening for good or at all for that matter. They are those times when we wish for action, and nothing happens. Well, the good news is that I will tell you how to live through those times, even if they seem pretty bad. The bad news is, this is good advice for us all when we go through them.

Number one, Count your blessings

Look for the good in all bad situations and you will find it. Without endeavoring to find that good, everything can seem horrible, and we make our biggest mistakes. Our biggest and most realistic virtues as conscious beings are finding the good and capitalizing fully on it.

What I meant by patience, understanding and tolerance in most articles I write is exactly this: Find the good in all things in life and capitalize on them, even when the "good part" is small, and you will win what you want ultimately.

Russell Herman Conwell once wrote and essay called "Acres of DIamonds" about a man who could not find his good where he was, and had unpolished, unrecognized and uncut diamonds under his feet at his farm while he was looking for them somewhere else. You know, most good works the same way as this farmer's farm. The good is right there within the bad, you just have to have the patience to work with it and capitalize on that good and develop it into great. So, when I say things like "count your blessings", I mean have the patience, understanding and tolerance to find any blessing in even the worst situations, or develop even the best situations into even better situations.

Number two: Be important before you are "really important"

Do not be disposable, put effort into your life. Make yourself feel important before you are genuinely important. Disposable people are those irrational egotists that think faking it with a "big attitude" without substance will make them something anyway. No, I am advocating deeds before attitude, not attitude before deeds. With a good attitude that is productive, yet humble before creating greatness, always ready to learn and grow genuinely, you will get somewhere. Do not be the idiot that sabotages themselves with a big attitude before they make it, and a petty attitude when a mistake is made when doing the deed. No! You must absorb and learn like a sponge, and then have the grand attitude when the attitude is called for. You must know what you are doing before you do it, by learning to do it and if you are originating, patient trial and error are called for also. Anger and fear are games not to be played, but diseases to be avoided at all costs. The closest things to vaccines for anger and fear, are patience, an unlimited willingness to learn, genuinely developed understanding, and tolerance.

Number Three: Think Consciously All The Time, speak once, Act Right always

Life to be great must be approached with a great mentality. That is why my Mom says to me things like "think twice and act once". I get it. We must think consciously all the time, speak once when the thoughts are right, and act right always. For, indeed, reality to be ruled, must be implicitly obeyed. Right down to sensible living within one's means at all times. After all, the ultimate mysticism is "genuine champagne tastes on a real beer income without a cent in one's pocket". Begging and dirty tricks are not the way to live anyhow, and ironically it takes more work to beg and trick your way through life ultimately, than it does to be honest in an unrepentant way without any tricks, stealing or games. Earning always works better than luck for the most part, also, anyway. I will explain more about that viewpoint below:

I mean sure, many people want to be lucky without earning and knowing all the realities of what they are earning. Face it, we value more of what we earn than what we are given "luckily" or win "luckily". That is genuine human nature. After all, why do you think so many lottery and sweepstakes winners that are "too lucky" and win "so much" go back to poor "before pictures" anyway. I did not say "all", but "many", let me make that clear. Well, any way it goes, we value what we genuinely earn, not what is given to us by luck, that is a given. So, be careful what you wish for, think consciously all the time, take nothing for granted, speak once, act right always, and it will work ultimately.

Start from zero and build it up and you will value it better anyway. That is my blunt, realistic and genuine advice. Do not depend on luck, lotteries, easy winning even if it happens. Act like you earned it, even if you have that luck and fortune, manage it right and value without taking for granted, and if you did earn it, all the better for you. Well, I will leave it right there. Make sense to yourself and you will be all right.


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