How to water a Bonsai plant

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A small guide on how to feed your bonsai plant appropriately.

Not watering your plant appropriately leads to..

When inappropriately watering your plant, you can end up with a very ill or dead plant. For example by over-watering you can rot the roots and kill the plant. On the opposite end of the scale you can dry the soil up and it will get no water at all.

The impact the soil & pot have

The compost you put in a bonsai pot is also far less stable compared to the soil in the ground, it has an ability to dry out which is greatly increased and it is massively affected by the outside influences for example the weather and the surrounding temperatures. The confines of a plant pot a bonsai loses its ability to self-regulate its exposure to moisture. This means it is unable to govern how much or how little water it accesses throughout time.

How often should you water your plant

The biggest mistake you can make is too actually water your Bonsai plant on a regular cycle for example every Monday. You should check each day with your little finger, how damp the soil is. Just stick it half a centimeter into the soil and check the neediness of fluid. This can vary when you water your plant due to the sun intake and so on.. But try to avoid drying the soil out and make sure your pot has holes to let excess liquid escape instead of being held and rotting the roots.

Watering tips

By allowing the compost to dry between watering you can remove the possibility of the effects of overwatering. When the tree requires water it will be in need of a thorough soak. To avoid overwatering does not mean to simply 'moisten' the soil instead of watering it as usual. Every time you water the plant, it is vital that the whole rootsystem and body of compost is wetted to avoid pockets of dry soil where roots could be left to dry out and die.

Suitable water types

Always water your plant with plain tap water, some areas where tapwater is hard, try occasionally watering your plant with rainwater. This is useful to rid the soil of any build up of salts, which may get added when watering. This isn't essential but is preferred.


Add water to your tree/soil thoroughly so water can be seen running out of the drainage holes at the base of the pot which prevent root rot.

Do not water again until the soil surface starts to dry and change to a lighter colour which is indicated by dipping your little finger in.

Then water your tree thoroughly again.

Thanks for reading my guide, goodluck with your plant!


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