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What makes a top Wikinut title? A well-written title can make a huge difference to the number of readers you attract. We walk through an example and explain how you can maximise your title's potential.

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Think of your article title as a headline. You need to write a short, snappy line that will catch the eye and draw in readers. Depending on your writing style and your article theme you may choose to be comical, challenging or just plain wacky. Just don't be drab and boring.

Like a newspaper front page try to stand out from the crowd and have some kind of hook that will intrigue the reader. Think about what title your article deserves. If you're writing about something niche including specifics in the title may be enough to attract interest, whereas a more mass-market topic could need a different angle to garner attention.

Length does matter

Again it is worth referring to headlines when thinking about the length of your titles. You should aim for between 3 and 10 words, but there maybe times when a very short or long version works better for you.

Remember that titles appear with your summary when your article is featured on a Wikinut category page, so one that is overlong may be tricky to read.

And once your page in indexed in search engines, such as Google, or linked to from third party sites your page title will be the main link to your article; here longer titles may be cropped and so may lose some of their meaning.

An article title example

OK, let's look at a Wikinut title example. Let's pretend we're writing about the highest-paying bank accounts currently on offer. We might start with a title of:

Highest interest rate saving accounts

This is factual but a bit dry, even for a fairly boring topic such as savings accounts. Let's try to make it a more eye catching:

Best-buy saving accounts

Now we're treating the reader as a motivated consumer i.e. somebody who is asking "what's in it for me". After all, why else would somebody be looking for this article?

Benefit from today's best-buy saving accounts

Now by adding a timescale into the title, we've added a sense of both relevance (ah, this is the latest info) and also urgency (get 'em while they're hot). Plus we have a call to action ("Benefit from"). Now we have a far more appealing title that will get more clicks and readers than the original.

What's this SEO everybody is talking about?

You may have heard about search engine optimistation or its acronym SEO. It may sound like a dark art, or some kind of geeky witch doctoring but it is actually based on simple principles that anybody can understand.

Read our guide to SEO for beginners.


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