How will Adblock affect the writing market

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Do we have a right to block online ads? Is bocking these ads fair to online companies? Well this article shows you how this little extension affects the market

How will the Extension Adblock Affect the Market

The Extension Adblock Plus is an extension that block advertisements on almost all internet websites including this one. As we all know this site generates its revenue from people viewing pages and either clicking on ads or a least viewing them. Adblock plus blocks these ads from being seen which means that the author is not paid for your view. If this continues to grow and grow the internet advertising community will face huge losses. This extension at this time only works well with Firefox and Google Chrome internet browsers. Thankfully this means that this extension is not as popular as it could be, but in the future I predict a rise in the use of this extension to the point where sites like this will not be able to function. This could spell big trouble for writers such as myself.

How You can do your part

I will admit that I am using Adblock right now, but before you yell hypocrite why are your writing this article listen. Adblock allows you to disable the extension on certain websites. I have disabled this extension on this website, and on all websites that I support. There are other ways that you can do your part as well. Many websites offer a subscription plan that will remove ads if you use adblock on a website that does not allow it then I would suggest you buy some sort of paid subscription or you disable your adblock extension for the website. You might not think that you alone are doing much damage with your little adblock plugin, but I'm sure the other 10 million adblock users think the same thing. This many people not seeing ads will cause corporations to lose tons of money.

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16th May 2011 (#)

These comments are insane can I please have some power to control this!!!

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10th Jul 2011 (#)

Good article. I never use adblocking software, I am trying to get someone to develop a little script that will stop AdBlock working on websites.

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11th Oct 2011 (#)

For users who want there users to see a message to remove adblock please go

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