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This article will be a great motivation for human resource mangers who are indeed an asset to the firm. Not only will it provide them with few tips but will also identify their role and importance in an organization!

“How to become an outstanding human resource manager”

A company is just not a collection of building materials, equipment and documents but the human element is what completes it. The physical existence does not really matter as there are many companies online and they are succeeding enormously. In short it is not the physical aspect that matters but the workforce that really shapes a company. If a company has a talented and hard working team of employees, success is definite. There are many firms who have now taken this aspect seriously and are striving hard to reshape their Human resource management procedures and techniques. Take for example Google; the corporate diva makes sure that its employees are provided the best creative environment to work in and hence the new discoveries of the service is a result of carefully recruited workforce.
A human resource manager shall indeed be selected after thorough research and scrutiny. It is not important that the manager has to be an academic champion, but it is vital that he masters his skills. A brilliant human resource manager knows how to recruit the most talented and appropriate workforce for the company. He should know; what exactly is the requirement of the role and the person he has chosen fits in the criteria well enough or not.
Apart from this, An HR professional should have:
Great organizational skills: It is important that the manager is organized and has strong time management skills. He knows how to deal with requests of employees, and shall not get back to them saying “I will see to it later”. There is no space for procrastination when it comes to the designation of an HR manager. If the manager meets deadlines, organizes meetings on time then everyone else will make sure they stick to the things in similar fashion.
Cool negotiating skills: being a human resource manger is not really easy at times. An employee has grudges against the top management –HR manger has to plunge in. Two parties are unable to reach on a unified decision- HR manager has to plunge in. Two employees have a rift over some issue – HR manager has to plunge in. This means that the manager will have to play cool and act as an intermediary trying to negotiate and solve the disputes.
Ability to multitask: A busy day in office , a complaining employee, interviewees waiting outside , new recruiting strategy demanding attention, top management calling in for updates and calls and emails getting on nerves. The manager is not supposed to sit down on a chair with his head in both hands instead he has to put this smile on face and head towards each issue with a determination to resolve.
Unbiased, ethical and discrete attitude: For a start you should hire keeping aside all ethnic and racial biasness. No controversies shall become a part of the recruiting process. Apart from this all information of the company has to stay confidential (not an easy task). Whether the top management follows rules and regulations towards employees or not needs to be monitored by the HR manger. A check and balance is the key. He is also supposed to rectify, even if it is the top authorities, if things aren’t in the right direction.
Hence A human resource manger has a big pile of responsibilities on his shoulder. In particular, things become tough to manage when a company plans to undergo some sort of change. Getting across the culture to employees is another big task. It is not your gold medals that will win you a perfect human resource management strategy but it is a game based on observation, experience and implementation. For all other help you need , you just need to check this page


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