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human language and animal language. which one superior???

human or animal is superior in language

According to Darwin’s concept, human’s origin is from animal. Yet, there are a lot of things that people can do more than animals. One of the most contrasts between them is communication. Nowadays, there are lot of news about the speaking animal in mass media. Even in some zoo, there are abundance of shows of talking animal such as bird and chimpanzee. Of course animals also have their own language, but, it is different from human. Our communications are different by technique, biologically and rule.

‘Each human language has got a fixed number of sound units called phonemes. These phonemes are combined to make morphemes. Therefore, language has got two levels of patterning which is not prevailed in animal communication. Our language is considered creative because words can be apart or combine to produce new words which have different meaning. The words also can become new terms or sentences. Animals do not have the ability to arrange and rearrange phonemes, morphemes, words and phrases to create new modes of expression’.
(Jose, 2012)
I agreed with Jose because our language has certain features which make us different from animal’s communication. For examples of the features are duality, creativity, displacement and arbitrariness in communication. The duality of structure of human language is the major difference between human communication and animal communication.
Human language has time, feeling or place in a sentence compare to animals. Through messages, we can understand and predict what others say whether it is in the past, present or even the future. So, they could not talk about the past or future among them like us. This is because, in our communication, we have the tenses that could describe the specific time. While in some conversations, people prefer to include their feeling or emotion unlike animals, they do not have different words that can explain their mood. Furthermore, if an animal want to give a warning to the other animals, they could not say accurately the position of their enemy. They only end up giving the warning by shouting whether it is near or far. Animal’s language also has arbitrariness features like human, but, it is limited since they do not share the same design features as us. For an example, a dog only can bark. It will bark when found something, hungry, or telling something.

human or animal is superior in language 2

Humans also have a huge biologically difference compared to animals. Basically, language is genetically past through generations. Based on my own experiences, I have seen my 5 years old brother talking since his first word, “ma”, which means mother in Malay. Even if he is only babbling, we still can understand through his action. After that, he slowly speaks word by word. Then, he could speak in a full sentence. Children can develop themselves in communication without a formal education. Besides, they have an amazing ability to make a full sentence even though they never use it before. Their language will widen as they grow up. The sentences that they use also will follow grammatically as their community.
Another prove that we are biologically different from animal is some children can use a bilingual language as they grow up. Basically it is because of the environment. Maybe people surround them use different language. ‘In those cases, the infant brain simply draws two maps, and the process is particularly easy when a specific language can be identified with the tone, pitch and pronunciation of each parent’ (Kiester, 2001). Animal cannot learn different language to communicate since young. My mother once told me that a dog could not produce the same sound as a cat.
Some people might think that animals are intelligent enough compared to human when they expose to talking birds, gorilla, monkey or chimpanzee. It is true that we are often to see them could talk through some training. However, animals do not have a rule system in language like us which is grammar. Animals could not combine words into a new word or sentence because they do not have any rule to produce new words. By having a rule in language, human can easily compare which word or sentence is correctly use.
‘One significant example of this is a trained grey parrot by the name of Alex. When he’s presented with a red piece of paper and asked “What colour?” he answers “rose”.’ (Yahya, 1999). It is obviously shows that it only memorizes characteristics of one thing and then applies it to other without creating a suitable word for the paper’s colour. Animal only speaks by imitate us without knowing the meaning of the words. They will learn to repeat our dialogue or action.

Apart from that, our language consists of alphabets which have rules on how to arrange or use it. It helps us to make new words according to our need or most up-to-date. That is why our language is difference from the past. For an instance, if we do not have a suitable word for something, we can add the word so that it is easier for us to describe that thing. In contrast, animal do not have that ability.

In a conclusion, I can clearly state that human language is greater than animal. Our verbal communication is very unique compared to animal. Human language can be considered as infinite because there is no limit in complex words or sentence. Furthermore, communication becomes easier when we can state the period, feelings and place. Despite the fact that animal also can speak, they do not the ability like we have such as a natural way of learning language. We are so fortune to have a good brain which help us to combine, arrange and understands all words easily.


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