Hurricane Sandy to Hit Lake Erie shores in Cleveland, Ohio

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Hurricane Sandy is dubbed the Frankenstorm and the first one to hit the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio in recorded history. What can Ohio expect?

October 29, 2012 only 1 hour before the high winds commenced!

Hurricane Sandy is expected to create huge 15 foot waves on the shores of Lake Erie along with a 3 inch rise in water level. Soil erosion is also expected as well as Icy rain and snow in Ohio!

The electric company is preparing for Power Outages by soliciting extra help from outside crews. A High Wind Warning along with a flood watch is in effect until 8:00PM Tuesday evening (October 30, 2012) for the following counties; Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake and Ashtabula. I have family in all these counties! My husband and I live on 29 acres of land full of trees and only 7 miles from Lake Erie. Due to heavy rainfall saturating the tree roots along with high winds there could be several uprooted trees. Please pray for my family and all others affected by this Frankenstorm!

The Calm Before Hurricane Sandy

Our wood supply so far!

We have very little wood so far prepared for this emergency. After I submit this article I will go out in the rain and do some scouting around on the property to see if I can get more. This way even though the wood will be wet if I bring it in, it will start to dry out. When I get a good fire going I will place the wet wood next to or on top of the wood stove to dry out better.

Unfortunately Lowes and Home Depot in the Cleveland area are out of Generators!

Hurricane Sandy is forcing the poles to close

The Frankenstorm heading towards the East Coast has forced everything from Federal Government Offices to schools to close.

Hurricane Sandy has also forced the polling locations in several states to close!

List of things to do to prepare for the Hurricane’s high winds and outages!

1. Take a home inventory of all your candles and flashlights.
2. Stock up on batteries!
3. Use up as much of the perishables as you can in your frig and freezer!
4. Stock up on canned and dry goods and locate or buy a manual can opener!
5. Bring patio furniture in!
6. When the high winds start locate an area in your house to hunker down away from any windows and trees that could fall on the house.
7. Clean your basement so that you can use it if needed.
8. If your water source is dependent on electricity due to a pump gather as much water as possible before the storm starts. You can also fill up your bathtub with water!
9. Make sure your batteries are fully charged on your lap top computers and digital camera. Now is the most important time to take pictures and videos!
10. Take a “before the storm” picture of your yard so that if there is any damage from the storm you can give it to your insurance agent along with the “after the storm” picture.
11. Make sure you have an area to keep your outside pets or livestock either in the house or the barn.
12. Check your local weather report often to see how the storm is progressing.
13. Locate your winter coats and extra blankets to use when the furnace is not operating in case of a power outage.
14. Gas up your vehicles in case you need to evacuate.
15. If there is a power outage, make sure to unplug your refrigerator and other appliances so that when power is restored the power surge will not ruin your appliances!
16. If possible purchase a heater that does not require electricity! Make sure to read the directions before using!
17. If you have a wood stove; stock up on wood
18. Catch up on all your laundry and baking.

If you have a power outage you can call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or you can go to to report the outage by clicking on the "Report Outage" link!

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All pictures are either public domain or ones I took myself.


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author avatar Teila
30th Oct 2012 (#)

Be safe and thanks for the report!

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author avatar Teila
30th Oct 2012 (#)

Be safe and thanks for the report!

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author avatar Retired
30th Oct 2012 (#)

Stay safe!!

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author avatar LOVERME
30th Oct 2012 (#)

we learn the scourge is over earlier than imagined
safe all Judy

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Oct 2012 (#)

Maybe, the worst is over now. I was watching the severe damage at New Jersey. What else can I do but to pray that all stay safe? Frankly, I have never experienced severe weather conditions, but I know what you go through by the details that you have so thoughtfully shared. Take care, Judy and see you again in the calm after the storm! siva

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author avatar Judy Ellen
30th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Teila, Loverme, Siva and Oceanblueeyes! Last night it was hard to sleep with the wind howling and all the creaky noises the house was making due to high wind. We are going to try to get more wood today if we get a small break from the heavy rain. They say it will get worse before it gets better! Our hearts and prayers go out to all those people in New York. We still have power right now so we feel very blessed indeed! I hope all my fans are safe! You are in our prayers!! Thanks again!!!

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author avatar LOVERME
1st Nov 2012 (#)

long time silence
perturbs us
hope all is well and
Sandy doesn't NO MORE fuss
with all of us
hope you will come back to normal
after the rains and collecting wood
should i parcel some...???

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author avatar Denise O
1st Nov 2012 (#)

Just wonderful advice to those that were and are stuck in Sandy's destruction or any other storm to come your way. Being prepared is so key. Well done. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
1st Nov 2012 (#)

Sorry hon...congrats on the star page. It is a given anyways, you are a wonderful writer young lady. Bless you and yours.:)

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd Nov 2012 (#)

hope you will now compose one on post SANDY TOO

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

We feel how you feel the hurricane.. it's simply rocks...
Let's work together to stand up again, again do what we should do to live with environment in harmony not destructing it. Live and let live...
All the good wishes for the people working ....

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