I Got 99 Problems But A Fish Ain't One or How To Date a Pisces Without Going Crazy

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A quick guide to dating and romantically involving yourself with your Pisces love interest.

A Quick Look at Pisces or Clearing Muddied Waters

So it finally happened. You screwed up your nerve, took that brave first step, and asked that girl (or guy) out... And you find out that this person is a Pisces. For the astrologically-inclined, I know what you're thinking and I want to take a moment to reassure you; Don't panic! It will be okay, I promise.

For those of you wondering what that was about, unfortunately Pisces have a bit of a bad reputation in some circles. They are seen as inscrutable and a bit prone to slipping into their fantasy worlds, making them more than a little inaccessible. There is also an unfortunate stereotype for our Piscean friends, that they tend to be “wishy-washy” or “wafflers” in modern American Republican party speak. This may be so to the uninitiated, but for those who truly know and understand the Pisces, these are simply signs of a cautious nature, a deep idealism, and a strong desire to be sure that they are making the right decision.

When Dating a Piscean Woman (they can't all be clever titles)

The first thing you need to remember about your new Piscean girlfriend (or if you got here late, your Piscean wife) is that she is a bit of a traditional romantic. What is more, she is a sensitive, loving soul that is full of compassion. If this seems to be something you're not interested in, it is best to let her know now so that there are no hard feelings later. Should you want to continue pursuing her, I recommend taking the lead early on. Most women love a confident date, Piscean women more than most. Take the lead on things,, and don't be afraid to start with the conventional dinner and a movie. If you have an idea of something she might like (perhaps she mentioned a favorite author,) bring a book or some other gift that is reflective of her interests. I would like you to remember, however, that most Pisces tend toward the introverted end of the spectrum, so there is a need to approach with some caution. Don't be skittish, but don't be too forward, either.

With the Pisces woman, you need to pay attention to seemingly little things like this, especially at the start. Letting information like this be forgotten is tantamount to broadcasting disinterest or, even worse to her, having a flippant attitude about love and romance. This is a death sentence as far as the relationship goes. While you are at it, it would be a good idea to remember the following things about your first date:

1. Where the date took place.
2. When it took place.
3. What she was wearing.
4. Anything particularly amusing/entertaining to her during the date.

Should the relationship advance, these can easily come up, and it would be a wise idea to keep them in mind. Write the information down if you have to, if it comes up just say you wrote a journal entry about your first date. She will likely be flattered.

Once the relationship has officially kicked off, however, and your new Piscean girlfriend has opened up to you in full, the emotional connection will deepen steadily. This is where the Pisces = fish connection really shows up. Emotionally, they are an ocean, their emotions run very deep and they will not shy away from an emotional investment in you once you have proven yourself. If you end up having a rough day, your Pisces girlfriend will not mind listening to you when you talk about it. If you're sick, soup or tea is most likely going to happen.

Just a word of warning, though; Your Pisces girlfriend might be more than a little unhappy about things not going their way. If they decide to experiment in the kitchen, or try to get you to help them in an artistic endeavor, just do it. Considering what you're getting out of the woman, you can take the occasional hit and go along with them. You might even find out you're having fun.

So there's the female Pisces in a brief few paragraphs. This does not do the woman even the slightest bit of justice, but it should provide the initial help you will need in getting to know your new Pisces girlfriend. Think of it as a quick dip in the shallow side of the pool before you end up heading into the deep end.

The Piscean Male

Much of what applies to the Piscean woman applies, also, to the Pisces man. Like the Piscean woman, a Piscean male needs a strong woman to make the first move. This is mostly due to the fact that the guy is just as indecisive as his female counter-part (the Zodiac makes few allowances for gender.) Now, this is not to say that the Pisces male is any less manly than an Aries or a Libra, but it does mean he has some difficulty with solidifying their thoughts and emotions. With the Pisces man, their emotions are just as deep as the Pisces woman, nothing is ever black and white with them. This contributes greatly to the mysterious nature of the Piscean individual, which is part of the what creates such an attraction to them, the elusive nature that they maintain by sheer happenstance.

If you enjoy an interesting romantic life, the Pisces man is one you should seriously consider. The end goal, my good readers, is those of you considering one to be invited into his life, the life he never really shares with anyone outside of a tiny circle of loved ones. Once you have achieved that, you are in a very privileged position. You have managed to become a part of his inner circle, within his emotional stronghold where you will be cherished above the most valuable of treasures.

Generally, roughly the same rules apply to dating a Pisces man. Anyone who looks even remotely attractive is capable, but this isn't just a looks game. You must be confident, and understand the inner world of the Pisces, which is steeped in the stuff of dreams. As poetic as that sounds, it means he has an extraordinary imagination which you must be willing, to an extent, to indulge and fulfill. Don't be scared off, this just means that you should be adventurous and imaginative yourself, and just as romantic as he is. Romance, to a Pisces man, is of such stuff as dreams are made of. Understand this, and you will have a man who will love you connect with you at an emotional depth that you would never have before dreamed of.

Closing Thoughts

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen, the love of a Pisces is difficult to win, but easy to keep if you follow my very brief advice. Be confident, show an active interest in romance, and mind the important dates (get a calendar, if you have to.) Learn to appreciate their mystery, and understand how important it truly is when you are invited into their life.


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