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This is another of my psychic stories, this story showed me that I could read auras though I never really saw them.

The Single Parent Association

The incident where I had a bad feeling about Jim (There is Something Wrong With Him) was one of two. I had another experience a few years later. Ray was my good friend also on the board of directors of the single parent association at the time.

We had so much in common. He was the treasurer for the chapter and I was the membership director. Ray was going through a period in his life where he was seeking answers. He was looking for a way to find a happier healthier existence. Ray found that the single parent association was just not enough anymore.


During his quest he found a new group that was advertising about living life to the fullest through Taoist teachings. He went to the meeting and discovered Phan, the speaker. He was totally sold. Phan was extremely intelligent, charming and witty. Ray immediately scheduled Phan to be a speaker for the single parent association during one of their general meetings.

Phan Lee's (name changed for privacy purposes) lecture on using Taoist philosophy to achieve self-fulfillment was an immediate success. Our board was very impressed with his presentation. Ray continued his association with Phan.

Shortly afterward, Phan and his partner, Hans, a German businessman decided to actually start a business. They figured that Montreal would provide a very lucrative market for this fledgling business and Ray because of his connections was asked to come on board.

The first thing that Ray did as a member of this newly formed business was to invite his friend, a job search counselor, and former marketing executive to join the team. His second undertaking was to convince me to become the secretary for the group. I was not working at the time. However, this position did not provide any remuneration, at least not until the business took off and revenue was actually coming in. I was reluctant at first (perhaps then and there I should have listened to my feelings) but after an hour telephone conversation with Ray, and then another 45 minute conversation with Phan I decided to give it a try.

At first everything was fine. I had my own little office and I typed up their documentation. Phan Lee, his girlfriend, Hans, Ray, and Rebecca the career counselor and former marketing executive remained in the boardroom where they planned their strategy for launching and conducting their business.

I quit again

On Ray's recommendation that I was very intelligent and resourceful, I joined the inner sanctuary. At first I was caught up in the moment. Phan was magnificent and he challenged the group's thinking processes to higher levels. His brilliance was magnetizing. It seemed that we just couldn't get enough. But for some reason, I just didn't feel like it was a place for me to be working and I quit. Ray was upset that I quit and called me to come back. He just could not understand my decision as everything was going so well and they were making progress. Again, Phan called and convinced me that my input was invaluable and that they needed me. I gave in. I went back.

Everything was going well until one morning when I arrived late. I had a doctor's appointment so I walked into the meeting that was well underway. Ray gave me a quick briefing as to what had transpired up until that point while Phan waited to proceed.

While Ray was talking I looked over at Phan and I just had the overwhelming feeling that something was wrong with him. Unlike with Jim, where it was just a feeling, this time I felt eminent danger.

I quit again for the second time. I told Ray that I was just not going back there the next day. Ray was very annoyed with me. He accused me of being just short of hysterical. But I stuck to my guns this time; I knew there was something wrong with Phan.

Of course it is difficult to convince someone else of that when there was no real proof. Consequently, Ray did not call me for a week. Even Phan didn't call to convince me to come back.

My association with Phan and his business was truly over. When Ray finally did call me he made sure that the topic of Phan never came up. That was fine by me, I did not feel that I had to justify my decision to leave to him anymore either.

Reading Auras

But then something extraordinary happened. Ray called me one evening and he was very agitated. Apparently, there was a big scene at the office the day before.

That day started off as any other one. Phan was his brilliant self and was lecturing on the philosophy of the Tao. Hans interrupted to ask a pressing question about finances and Phan went literally crazy. He started yelling and swearing and lunged at Hans. Ray was afraid for the women and ushered Rebecca out to safety but Phan's girlfriend insisted she was staying. She said she knew how to handle Phan and she would see to it that he calmed down. She advised everyone including Hans to go home for the day and to come back the next.

When everyone came back the next day, Phan was very docile and let his girlfriend do all the talking. First and foremost, she apologized for Phan's behaviour and said to the group that she and Phan owed them an explanation for what had transpired the day before.

Apparently Phan had a tumor on the brain. It was inoperable. Every now and then the tumor would shift, press on certain neurons, and cause uncontrollable fits of aggressive behaviour.
Phan was on medication and had not had an episode in over five years. It was because of the long relapse that they felt it best not tell anyone about his condition. They made an error in judgment and they were sincerely remorseful.

Phan would be admitted into the hospital that afternoon for more testing and the girlfriend would give the group feedback upon his progress. They decided to suspend the business until he was able to get back on his feet. It appeared that Hans had no say in this decision as he received the news the same time as Ray and Rebecca did.

Later, while Ray was still waiting to return to work, he received a call that the business was dissolved. Hans had removed his financial backing and Phan could not do it alone. Phan's girlfriend asked Ray to hold on, Phan would find another backer and he would be advised when to come back to work. Ray respectfully declined the offer. He told her he would seek employment elsewhere.

When I told John, my ex boyfriend, about these incidents he told me that I got the feelings because my mind was reading the auras surrounding individuals but since I never actually saw the colours, it was because my eyes were not fine tuned enough to physically see them. Why all my experiences of feelings happened only with men with the one exception of my grandmother he did not have an answer for.

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