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There is a certain way we all must sail with the winds of life if we want to get anywhere, that is where autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, and mental discipline come in. Without those disciplines, we are like corks on the water going nowhere hoping we make a good port, but with self-direction we can make it to where we genuinely want to go.

Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.

I call this first section "Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself" because we all need rest to optimize our physical, mental and spiritual powers that naturally work for us when we use them, and we must take good care to use what we have properly. In fact, this whole part of the article is about using what we have properly, and doing what is needed to make it all work right (working like we want it to work and working like we need it to work).

Sure, I have read many books on mental science, self-hypnosis, hypnosis and the like and taken plenty of courses on the subjects of all of that. They all basically say the same thing: Rest and plan before you use the techniques, and then when you use the techniques with patience, understanding and rational expectation they work like you want and need.

I think of certain things Dr. Frank Rudolph Young said about the subject of mental power in his book and vignette "Secret Mental Powers". He said make sure of your goals that you want to achieve and get plenty of rest before doing anything with the techniques to achieve them. I totally agree with that. When you "just do it" without preparation and care, you really are like a floating cork on the water full of hope that you float "somewhere good". When usually, that kind of approach leaves you like a real cork floating until you get waterlogged and sink.

Powers of mind

Face it, everything is mentally controlled and created ultimately. But without a definite purpose or goal, nothing is mentally controlled. In fact, imminent self-destruction happens like a robot left alone to function haphazardly without a purpose, or like the aforementioned "cork on the water".

Start thinking what you want to do with your mind, now. A definite goal is the key to the door of achievement, and well functioning. Indeed, when you have lots of power and not any direction, that is the worst thing of all. That is always the case when it comes to the mind. Power with definite direction is never a disaster, no matter what temporary failures or snags you may run into, if you are persistent and want it enough, you can achieve your goal. Like an airplane flight plan, anything can happen and many course corrections and turbulence bumps, but, if you make the destination successfully, you have made it successfully. It is the same with the mind.

Success-Cybernetics by U.S. Andersen, Failure-Cybernetics by anyone who does not get it

One of my favorite Uell Stanley Andersen books beyond "Three Magic Words" is "Success Cybernetics". Especially the way he starts with the example of the thermostat setting example. Sure, he oversimplifies things at times in this book, but what makes it my favorite of his is that he does what is needed to make the message get across, right down to apocryphal computers that say "I am God" to a preacher that mistakes Cain in the Bible for Robert Hall in a sermon mix-up.

So, beyond that, the most basic fact is that we are in the driver's seat, we have all the power in existence. But, if we do not have direction, we go nowhere.

A few nights ago, I was watching a "Star Trek" episode called "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield". One of the characters was controlling the ship with his mind, when he let go of the ship and it was totally free and even out of the control of Captain James Kirk and the crew, all it could do was go in circles at high speed without direction. The final battlefield is our direction really and the choices we make to use our power, not so much anything else. Without choice, that is Failure Cybernetics by anyone who does not get it. Self-direction is the key, we will be ruled by those who genuinely have it, and those who genuinely do not have will be ruled. That may sound a little cold, but that is the way it is. You have to know where you are going to get there, if not all power and no direction will be led like the aforementioned cork on the water. That's all.


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Interesting and informative article. Thanks for sharing your informed personal philosophy..

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