I do not assume that I am entitled to anything most of the time

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No matter what or where you are, you have the capacity to be a winner or a loser. Perfection is not required to be a winner, but honesty and rationality are required to be a real winner. This is that story.

My life is as good or great as I make it. No perfection, yet, no excuses, just consistency of effort

Think about the facts of reality. Nobody can be 100% perfect or ideal all the time, but genuine success can happen through consistent efforts and realistic acknowledging of reality. Consistent gratitude for the genuine chance to succeed is one of the keys to genuine success and winning. The only genuine loss and failure is assumption and entitlement, and thinking that too much perfection is required. Only consistency and persistence really gets things done. Without those two factors however, even the most basic of gratitude or not taking things for granted is not possible because quitting too quickly happens out of fear of failure or fear of success.

Sure, thought makes the person. But it is not just a simple case of needing or wanting to think positively. A special persistence must be involved in order to genuinely succeed at anything, not just positive thinking. Also, positive consistent action backed by genuine gratitude must be involved to genuinely succeed.

No real winner can be really broken, just set back for a minute

"Persistence is power" is not just some bromide I like to use. It is my reality in full. To become a winner, not only flexibility is needed without breaking, but that persistence which leads to real success.

One person can have all the ability in the world and all the talent of the world locked up in them, but without those ingredients mentioned, those things are nothing. What is something though is ambition that transcends even the least talent. That focus which is consistently practicing realistically and working to improve no matter what the immediate conditions that surround or "lack of natural talent". How do you think many "natural athletes" after their first few genuine losses never "get it back" and how do you think the practitioner that works at it can "keep it as long as they want or need the ability"? It is because a real winner cannot be broken only set back for a minute until they work at their experienced winning. Lucky "natural" winning is nothing compared to winning with gratitude, understanding, work and experience in that sense.

A real champion is not the best, but the most persistent and persistence oriented

"The Life Championship" is not determined by one-time winning, but, how persistent, consistent and constant can you be. Life's winning is determined by productive effort, not natural ability.

I mean think about it. Natural ability is a "given". But, gratitude power is a made-by-yourself thing that is determined by your own self-made feelings of self worth and self-esteem, really.

Patience, profit, progress and power come through realistic experienced understanding in a very real way. The fake stuff is entitlement itself. The real stuff most of the time is going for the genuinely amazing and hard efforts that take genuine mastery through understanding and experienced persistence.

Deeds, not words, tell all

Do what you mean instead of just say it. That is the reality of the situation, take it or leave it. Reality itself always says more than what we think about it in any way.

I say all those words above for a reason, because reality backed by deeds that mean everything is genuinely good. Only talking about what you are going to do is not good, it is just hot air or to use a fancier word: Hyperbole. It means the same thing only it is fancier terminology.

I got the title from my Dad when he used to say all the time: "Deeds, not words, tell all." We all can give lip service, but when we follow through it is the most powerful thing in the universe and existence. So, I end this section with a quote from the Upanishads that I feel is accurate for this description:

"When a blade of grass is cut or plucked, the universe quivers."


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For sure nobody can be perfect all the time, and we need to be okay with that!

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