I live in a crowded locality of the area and the crowd presents the scene of a human sea

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There is maximum crowd in the vegetable market. The ladies move from stall to stall and bargain for each and every item. They are also very careful about short -weighing by the vendors and keep an eye on the weighing machines. The shopkeepers have a sweet tongue and try top satisfy their customers through sweet talk.

Housewives come out to purchase vegetables

I live in a crowded locality of the area and the crowd presents the scene of `a human sea,' in the evening. People return from the offices and students are back from their schools. Housewives come out to purchase vegetables, fruits and other domestic items. Some young boys and girls dress themselves in their best and go out for shopping.

The confectioner's shop is another place of attraction.

Little children guide their parents to the shop and force them to buy the sweets of their choice. The girls always go in for chat Pokaris whereas the boys prefer gulab jamuns or jalebis. The street hawkers pedal their wares very nicely. The balloon sellers carry whole bunches of inflated balloons to attract small children. The toys -sellers set their stalls on the pavements. The newspaper vendors sell the evening newspapers in very nice manner. They shout the sensational news but keep the paper folded As soon as the customers makes the payment, he is surprised to read different head- lines. Small children cannot control their games. They throw the ball and run to pick it up. It is very difficult for the cyclists and scooterists to apply brakes and save them.

Kite flying is another activity

Kite flying is another activity. When the kite rises high up in the sky, the eyes of the kite flier are glued to the kite. He does not care for the crowd around and could be injured in an incident.
The whole atmosphere is spoiled by the beggars and the cows. The beggars use very technique to win the sympathy of the old ladies. They apply different colours to their bodies. Some of them are dressed in rags. Many of them do not have arms or legs.

The cows and calves are considered to be sacred by the Hindus

The cows and calves are considered to be sacred by the Hindus. They roam about the streets, eating everything and looking angrily at the bystanders. Sometimes, they start crossing horns in the street. In short, every street has an interesting life of its own and could be enjoyed by the people who live there.

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