I love cake, i know you love it too

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This is a guide about baking a sweet and yummy cake. This is very delicious and easy to bake. Kids, teens and everyone will enjoy it.

I love cake, i know you love it too

Hello Guys!
Do you love eating cakes? Do you know how to make refrigerated cake? After doing this many times, i just want to share these easy and quick tips in making this yummy cake. Are you excited? Many of you already know how to make this but at least let me share. So let us start.
Prepare all this ingredients:
One, 18 to 20 pieces of graham crackers.
Two, prepared two cans of nestle table cream, the seven point six oz.
Three, One can of condensed milk
Four, One flavored Knox unflavored gelatin or fresh mango,
Five, Peanuts, it should be small pieces
Six, one medium can peach; kindly reserve the syrup for the gelatin
Now let's proceed to the procedures.
Let us start.
One, in a bowl, kindly mix the condensed milk, any brand and the nestle cream. Mix it well
Two, prepare the circle, square or any kind of bowl or plastic tapper ware that you want to use.
Three, Spread the graham cracker to the bowl equally and the put the mixture of condensed milk and the nestle cream.
Four, Put another layer of graham crackers and again spread the mixture of condensed milk and nestle cream.
Five, Sprinkle the top of the second layer with the peanuts.
Six, Make another layer of graham crackers and on the top, add a condensed milk and nestle cream which is already mix.
Seven, cook the gelatin if you preferred to use it or simply sliced into pieces the fresh mango and put it on the top of your graham cake.
Eight, sprinkle the peanuts and peach on the top.
Design the top according to your likeness.
Nine, Put your cake to the refrigerator for about at least five hours.
Then we're done.

You can make this anytime, you can have a yummy cake with less expensive, easy to make and the price really worth for the taste of it. You can choose any kind of fruits for the toppings of your refrigerated cake. You can serve this with your family and friends; for sure they will enjoy eating this cake.
Share your suggestion on the toppings for refrigerated cake. Feel free to share here. I enjoy making this cake and I enjoy eating cake. I really have sweet tooth, i admit eat. I really love eating sweet foods. I know many of you are the same with me.
Enjoy making! Enjoy eating! Have Fun!
After reading this, try it at home. Even you are kids, you can do this. But I’d rather advice to ask for the help of your moms and dad or big brother and big sister when opening the can for your safety.

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