I saw a ghost who was trying to warn me about something and what I found out.

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Although I experience visions and premonitions, I honestly thought that Ghosts were a made up fairy tale, until it happened to me.

The Flat

The Flat I once lived in, was in a block of very old flats and bedsits in Boscombe, Dorset. I was living in the attic flat. I had heard rumours about hauntings and sites from the other people who lived here, but I thought it was just some made-up fairy tale until I saw it for myself.

The bedroom

My bedroom was small and dark. It was very cold in there, and sometimes I would see a mist or something that looked like a dark blue figure in a corner of my room. To start with, I dismissed it, until one night I was sat in the bedroom talking with friends and my phone started beeping. When I checked the text it was always blank. I to begin with, thought it was my friends playing a practical joke, but one night in that very same room, it happened to a friend. Many of my friends complained about things being moved and figures in their rooms. However I just thought they were hallucinating.

One night, as I was sleeping in my bedroom. I woke in the night, to what appeared to be a very bright blue light that lit the entire room as if it was day light. However, this light was too bright to be day light. It was rather like a shimmery blue with white. It appeared right by my bedside, and I could just make out a young girl with dark hair who was trying to show me what looked like a very shiny scroll.

I dismissed it as a dream

I dismissed it as a dream. However it happened every night I was in that flat, and I thought I was crazy! A couple of friends slept over occassionally, and on one of these nights, one of my friends came into my room, shaking and really pale. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she heard someone asking for help in my living room. I even told her she was dreaming, but it did infact happen again and this time I slept in that same room. We turned the light on, but no one was there!

My husband thought it was my illness, then he saw it for himself

Me and my husband were living apart at that time, and he used to stay over night on a weekend. He thought that the sighting was being caused by my illness. However, he slept in the same room as me one night, and he saw it too. We were both awake at this point and we both ended up thinking we were crazy, so I did my research

I asked my estate agent and friends what happened in the flat

I asked the estate agent and my friends what happened in that flat, I also checked records which confirmed what I was told to be true.

A few years ago, there was a fire in the attic flat which was on the very top floor. The flat had been a fire risk for some time, and the flames had come through the floor board trapping the young girl who was living there at the time. Sadly, she died in that flat in the fire.

What I think today

I did some research across the web, and asked a clairvoyant what this ghost was telling me. Her findings were, that because the young girl had become trapped there, her spirit had stayed in the flat. The girl was trying to warn me about the dangers of living in that flat. This is interesting, because due to health and safety, that particular flat has now been knocked down and is currently being replaced with flats for the elderly. The question is, will this spirit now rest in peace, or will she continue to warn people?

To this day, I am now a very firm believer in the spirit world.


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I have recovered from several illnesses and I will be writing about the effects of these and parenting with mental illness. There will be many other topics that interest me too.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Its funny, people think ghosts are apparitions of colour or silver, white or blue in your case. They are energy feeders on your own fears telling you the tale that is left behind by past remanants in that place.
I have lived in places of such and seen how it affected life and I won't specify much but I learnt a lot and will never speak of it as I know what the historical findings will say.
Never think just because it isn't there it doesn't exist. Was it for that apartment only or an energy that was attached to you making you see things because of your vibrational similarity. Have a think about it.

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author avatar Carol Roach
12th Jul 2015 (#)

very interesting, I don't know if a spirit is at rest after something like that. But from what I read, it should be.

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author avatar peachpurple
12th Jul 2015 (#)

This girl spirit is a kind girl, she meant well, maybe you should get some holy water and sprinkle across the room

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author avatar Butterfly38
12th Jul 2015 (#)

I often thought that her warning was for my own safety, and she was trapped there due to the circumstances she died in. So, I started to research the flat, which is when I found out about the fire. Others who lived there, say they have all had similar experiences in the same block I lived in.

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