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Isn't this new language on social networks great! Brings out the best in people, too!

Click, click, click ...

I often just click on the Twitter or Facebook button, if I read an article I liked. I mean that's just the minimum I can do to show that I appreciate or liked it. Click! Nothing to it! Just a little "thank you" to the author and who knows nowadays where all those links end up! And at the end of the day more clicks for everybody. Nice!

One day, somebody wrote a comment to one of my articles: " Well done! I liked it. I've tweeted and facebooked it for you!" - I rushed to comment and thank for the favour immediately.

I mean, imagine, you can nowadays also say: "I've stumbled this for you or I digg-ed it for you." And should it ever become popular, we can say: "I bing-ed this for you." Sounds nice though! ;)

This is social networking on the internet, i.e. important.

I wonder if the professor in Oxford University has caught up with those all-important modern internet words yet. After all, to some of us they mean real money! Well, I shall send a copy of this article via email to make sure, he's aware of it and will tell us how to spell those words correctly. I mean, "digg-ed" it is grammatically not exactly correct! Or maybe, what do I know.

We can also say that we "googled" something and on Redgage we can even say: "I favourited this or I starred this for you".

Meanwhile, I guess, we have to teach those new words to our spell-checkers and get on with the job.

And last not least, a big "thank you" to all of you who've tweeted, facebooked, stumbled, digg-ed, favourited and starred my articles. Be certain, I will do the same for you (unless you are an article spammer, of course, I have made my views known about that).

Anyway, here's to lots of clicks and money for everybody! Join the Chrysolite Click Party! ;)

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author avatar Retired
31st Jul 2010 (#)

I'll have to tweet this article for you:) I'm still new at this and want to see how things work out:)

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author avatar chrysolite
1st Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you, Petra! It's ok, if you are "new". I was "new" once too and kept just writing and writing with my limited internet access. It's nice here and I like it. Just keep uploading your articles or poems or whatever springs to mind. Look forward to reading, tweeting and facebooking etc. your articles too. Have a good day! :)

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author avatar drelayaraja
1st Aug 2010 (#)


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author avatar chrysolite
1st Aug 2010 (#)

Glad you liked it, drelayarja. Hope to see more of you and of course, we keep tweeting! :)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
1st Aug 2010 (#)

with dial up my wife has found she has to use Twittley to get her tweets anywhere, and often Twitter itself wont load..

I will have her Twittley this. She regularly retweets things this way and often checks to see who has retweeted her things this way, but I dont think she is a spammer.

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author avatar chrysolite
1st Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you, Mark! I know what it's like. I don't have dial-up, but a mobile internet connection in Spain. So very often I don't get through to Twitter either when they are over capacity. I also think it's a good idea to re-tweet old articles every so often as new folks subscribe etc. As you say, your wife re-tweets "regularly". That is the secret! Not just going mad once a month on Twitter, no every day a few, then over to Stumble upon and Facebood, etc. I think that brings the most clicks in the long run. Please thank your wife for me. Have a great day and thank you for moderating so nicely. It's a difficult job!

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author avatar Euphonos
1st Aug 2010 (#)

nice one

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author avatar SuzAlicie
1st Aug 2010 (#)

Excellent page! I have a great network of writing friends on Facebook and we all share links constantly it is definitely beneficial to a writer to have friends and the technology to promote with!

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author avatar smoothoperator
22nd Aug 2010 (#)

This article made me think and of course made me smile. Maybe it is time to say Good Night and nothing else.

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