Ideal Ego - On The Character Concept

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Ideal Ego concept (Character Concept) on psychoanalysis science.

Ideal Ego - On The Character Concept

Ideal Ego is a personality structure which is Ego turn inward, to what is moral, empathetic. It is an autonomous intrapsychic formation that serves as a reference to the ego and to appreciate their accomplishments and behaviors that will be the basis for the formation of their moral valors.
Originates narcissistic, in love for what idealized as perfect, identifies and interjects as moral models provided by parents, grandparents and especially with the collective ideals (society, culture, religion). Censorship and its censor (superego) charge due to this narcissistic ideal of perfection, established standard, placing the subject in the conflict between idealized in the ideal of ego and its desires and tendencies.
The Ideal Self incorporates the standards of the narcissistic ego ideal, describing the character's personality and influence. The feelings of inferiority and envy arise in that the individual realizes that others fall into their idealized models (ideal ego and ego ideal) as he thinks he can not. The ego submits to the ideal of ego not to suffer the action of the blame. The Ideal of the Ego is formed out of the alter, or anti-standards that society sets as inadequate, what not to do not to suffer embarrassment.
While the superego is formed from the introjection of the characters feared, the Ideal Ego would be formed from the introjected image of the loved objects, conceived as good and correct. The superego is the same authority (judge, police power) and the Ego Ideal of law, the standard upon which he is charged by the judge. When the ego is away from the patterns of the Ideal Self, he will feel guilt.


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