Ideas of cheap presents

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Need to make a present to a friend or a relative, but you can´t afford to spend much? This idea of a present may help.

Ideas for cheap presents

Making presents is something that, at any time given, we´ve to do. It may be at Christmas time, for birthdays, Mother or Father´s Day or for the sake of it to someone of our loved ones that we think they deserve a treat from us.
We aren´t obliged to spend a lot of money that we can´t afford, but, on the other hand, we aren´t going to buy just anything at a discount store. A present, no matter how small it is, has to flatter the person who is going to receive it, but it also has to speak well for us as we wouldn´t like the other person to exclaim to others in disgust "Look what a s... he / she´s bought for me!"
When it comes to buy a present, we´ll choose something that the other person is going to like, but one that we can afford too.
This is an idea of a present that anyone will like and it doesn´t have to be costly and the other person will appreciate one´s work on it.
1. You´ve to choose a straw basket. The size will be depending on how big you wish to do it.
2. Go to the park to collect some dry leaves and, perhaps, some grass, pebbles and if it´s Autumn, a small handful of fallen chestnuts will look well. Also and if it´s early Autumn, the varied hues of the leaves will look dramatic on your basket.
3. With all of these items, you´ll have collected in the park, you´ve to make a bed on the bottom of the basket. Here imagination and well to do are key.
4. Go to the food market to choose a variety of seasonal fruit. Red and green apples as well as oranges, mandarines and both green and dark grapes work very well.Choose them well to contrast well one fruit and the other when they´re placed together.
5. Polish everyone to shine with a damp cloth and display them in the basket as though it was a painting.
6. Finally, wrap the basket with a coloured cellophane paper and a ribbon to match the paper. This ribbon should be in a lighter colour than the paper.
If you wish, you can also add some vegetables such as red and green peppers, an aubergine or a twig of celery, but they also have to shine.
This is a present that will please anyone of your friends or relatives and it won´t be costly.

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