"Ignorance" is blss, but ignorance without quotes is not bliss, ignorance without quotes is a tragedy

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In Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich", there was a tale about an "ignorant", "uneducated" man who made a fortune like Henry Ford in the hospitality and hotel business. Genuine ignorance and uneducated thinking is not to see the opportunities in front of you and under your feet. Genuine knowledge and open mindedness is to see clearly any idea obvious or not as shall be shown here.

Start thinking inside and outside of the box

When I make the statement in the title of this section, I think of Ali Hafiz, the original African farmer that lost acres of diamonds on his own farm through ignorance of opportunity in Russell Herman Conwell's great essay about the acres of diamonds. Also, I think about the fact that the farmer Ali Hafiz's cousin bought the farm years later and had the stones on it checked by an expert to find that he had one of the richest diamond mines in all of Africa on that very farm because of strange stones in the creek bed. Well, here you are already getting the point, so I will get into the meat of this article now:

When your mind is closed genuinely, ignorance is not bliss or blessed, it is a tragedy. Premature judgement without genuine understanding is the worst thing of all. On the other hand "ignorance" is closed minded persistence to what is not possible and genuinely educated open mindedness to what genuinely is possible. That is different. Very different.

So, think about this for a moment, some of the greatest education in life comes from outside the box open mindedness to the "strange" and unusual. Some of the greatest knowledge comes from consideration of what you did not know before. We saw this phenomenon with the stereotypical late 1960s mentality of experimentation. Sure that grew into the "yuppie open-mindedness" about how to raise kids in the 1970s and 1980s, but ultimately, open-mindedness is a good thing, it opens you up to possibility not before considered, especially when it leads to a genuinely deeper, more genuinely educated understanding of life and existence.

More inside the box now: I did not say it was totally good or totally bad, I just am saying that understanding increases with open-mindedness to new frontiers whether they are under our feet, more distant or whatever. To my way of thinking, some of the greatest opportunities are inside the box, but just at points inside the box that we did not notice before. It is sort of like saying that the "angels are in the rafters" or the "devil is in the details". My point here is to say, yes opportunity can be anywhere, all we have to do is look at things differently. After all in "Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens", the Millennium Falcon spaceship was perceived as pure junk until it flew heroically again to find Luke Skywalker in all its glory. I say that "quip" about "Star Wars" to say, I get it, all opportunity does not look like an obvious gold bar.

One person's trash, is another person's treasure

To get somewhere with where I am coming from, think of it this way in this paradoxical statement: Gold could be under some of the greatest trash dumps and dust bowls on Earth. How do you think the California and Oklahoma gold rushes really started in the nineteenth century anyhow?

But a few years before the late nineteenth century, Oklahoma was perceived as the exile destination for those on "the trail of tears" from their home states in the East, and California was a "wild west dust bowl" of sorts. It is the same concept as taking a library or a bookstore full of books and knowledge for granted without knowing about what is really there, and just thinking, "Oh, they are just books, nothing there."

"Ignorance" or Ignorance, your choice

Some of the greatest kooks in history became some of the greatest geniuses. That statement there should end this part of the article, but it does not. After all what was Albert Einstein the moment before he rode that beam of light in his consciousness or mind visualized? He was a failed patent clerk in Germany who had a fleeting interest in being a mathematician. He was "ignorant". On the other hand, Adolf Hitler was an ignorant paper hanger that became one of the most "knowledgeable" genocidal idiots in history because of his understanding of how to mass hypnotize and suggest to everybody he wanted to suggest to that they are made of superior clay to those they hated that were equal human beings to them anyhow in the end. I wanted to show a dramatic point here: Ignorance or understanding is in the intention, not so much the knowledge. The intention is the why, and the knowledge is the how quite simply and reality comes down to what you genuinely do and intend to do.


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