Importance Of Hair Evidence From A Crime Scene

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This is a short article on the characteristics of hair when it comes to a crime scene.

Hair Charateristics When Involving Crime Scenes

When it comes to forensics, hair samples are very important if found at a crime scene. There are certain characteristics of hair. Hair is mainly keratin with is the outgrowth of skin. It is like a flake of skin. The appearance of hair varies in appearance over the human body.
Hairs grow about one centimeter per month. Anagen phase is the scientific word for the growth phase of hair. Hair has a shaft and root. The shaft and root sits in the follicle in the skin. 'what is seen as hair is actually the shaft part.
There are different structures of hair such as the cortex, cuticle, pigment granule, and proximal. The medulla part is the center core of hair. There is a cortex part of hair which holds the pigment granules and ovoid bodies.
When a CSI investigator collects evidence at a scene, they must be very careful. You will basically use tweezers when collection hair evidence off a floor. The investigator places the hair samples in paper evidence envelopes instead of plastic containers. Plastic containers can develop moisture and compromise the hair evidence. It has to be in a dry container.
If the hair is tangled in clothing, the entire piece of clothing will be placed In a paper bag. It is better to get hairs off the clothing if the clothes are on the body of a deceased person before moving the body. The way to indicate if hair has been pulled, the root will still be attached to the hairs collected. It can only be seen under a microscope.
The hair on the scalp can be altered with the dyes and colors. This can be seen throughout the length of the hair. The way hair is cut, or hair with broken ends are other characteristics that can be used.
Hair has certain characteristics when it comes to the race of the person. Asian hair is different from a black person or white person. From the naked eye, an Asian persons hair can look like a white persons hair until the sample is put under a microscope.
The best way to do an analysis for drugs is to get results from hair. If there was a poisoning murder, hair can hold remnants of drugs in the body like cyanide. Cyanide can be detected in the hair. Cannabis drug testing is most commonly tested with hair samples along with the pee test.


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