Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Inkjet or LaserJet Printer

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This article is about the important factors to consider before purchasing an Inkjet or LaserJet Printer. It explains the difference between Inkjet and LaserJet Printers as well as their advantages and disadvantages to each other. It also enumerates and provides detailed information about the factors to consider on Inkjet and LaserJet Printers.

Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Inkjet or LaserJet Printer

Purchasing a printer is not that easy especially for those people who do not have knowledge about computer hardware. There are two options to choose when you are planning to buy a new printer these are whether to purchase a laser or inkjet printer. Laser type printers usually have imaging drums and toner cartridges, while inkjet type printers have ink tank cartridges. In inkjet type printers,

The print head of inkjet type printers is part of cartridge and part of printer itself from some models. The ink cartridges of printers usually have cartridges with four colors. They are the three colors and the black or the tri-color and single black. There are also printers which have single tanks only that contain ink for every color. Refilling this type of printer is just replacing the cartridge that ran out.

In terms of cost of replacement ink tanks have a lower cost compared with cartridges and print heads. If you will be using the printer for printing with pages containing black color, it is better to use a laser type printer. However if you will be using the printer for colored pages and other colored images the inkjet printers are the best to use because of its high quality when it comes to colored printing.

Factors to Consider in Purchasing an Inkjet or Laser Printer

Type of Print Media
This is the type of paper or other materials that the printer will print on. I can be photographic paper, A4 paper which has different size and texture, envelopes, greeting cards, CD printable surfaces, etc.

Price of Cartridge

Most of the printer buyers do not consider or notice the toner or cartridge of the ink especially its price. The price of a cartridge may vary depending on the type of the printer and the manufacturer. Always check for the price of the cartridge when you are buying a printer. You may also ask the printer retailer to give you the list of prices of printers and cartridges. They could give the best printer that will suit to your printing needs. This will also make sure that you have enough information about the compatibility of the printer to your computer and operating system.

Size of Printer

You should also consider the size of the printer for your workplace. Always make sure that the printer will fit into your desk or table together with your computer because printers are usually placed close to the computer unit.

Slot of the Cards

If your passion is photography or capturing everyone’s special moments, then it is very important to consider the card slot of the printer you will be purchasing. There are printers that have special features like card slots which allow you to view the picture from your camera and directly print it to the printer. Card slots are the common features of inkjet printers.

Type of Connection
It is important to consider the connection type of your printer and your computer. Most common connection type of printers is Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection. This is because it is easy and could be directly connected to your computer. Other connection types are I/O Ports with Infrared which allows you to print your document using wireless connection. There are also printers which have built in Ethernet which commonly used in Local Area Network Printing or LAN Printing. If you are just an individual user with a single computer, you should use the USB type connection of printer.

This is one of the latest features of printers available in the market. This type of printer allows you to print double sided documents which are perfect for the production of booklets. However, these features are only available on laser type printers.

Speed of Printing
Printer speed is usually determined on how many pages the printer could print per minute. This measurement of printer speed is the common basis of the printer buyers to what printer to buy. Of course if you have a printing business you should choose the fastest printer possible. When it comes to black and white printing, laser type printers have the faster print speed compared to inkjet type printers. This is because inkjet printers have the latest features for printing purposes.

Print Resolution
The print quality of a printer is determined from its DPI or resolution. These are the dots for every inch in the printed page. It is usually measured in vertical and horizontal like 600 by 300 DPI. 600 DPI is a sufficient level for printing documents which contain text and some images. The higher the DPI of the printer means the higher the quality of printed documents.


Most of the printers that we see in the shop are 3 in 1 printers which are also called MFP. These kinds of printers are capable of printing, scanning, and copying documents. There are also 3 in 1 printers which already have fax machines incorporated. These type of printers could save space compared of using three separate devices.


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I prefer to consider the price and availability of the cartridge. Very nice tips. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Joel. You're right price is very important.

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