Important Tips on Wine Storage

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Storing wine in perfect condition is not an easy job. There are many factors which combinedly affect the wine taste, color and fruitiness. This article describes the effect of these factors on wine.


Wine storage is not a simple task. There are many factors that affect the quality and flavor of your precious wines. Few tips are given below which can help you as a guide.

Control Temperature and its fluctuations

The very first formula to keep the wine in refreshed condition is to let them stay cool. According to the experts the optimal temperature need to be 45 degree F to 75 degree F and it is recommended to maintain a steady temperature at 55 degree F or 12.8 degree C. No question to go beyond the above range on either side to save the wines. Fluctuation of temperature especially abrupt rise and fall of temperature is not at all tolerable for wine storage. Fluctuations should be limited to maximum 3 degree F. Please make sure about the stability of temperature in your cellar. Mind carefully, a temperature below 45 degree F and above 75 degree F both will result worse for your wines. To minimize fluctuations, it is suggested to lessen the number of heavy electrical appliances or gadgets.

Control Humidity

The ideal level of humidity for storing of wine is 70% with the tolerance range of 50 to 80% humidity. In case, you live in too humid place, the high humidity level can create mold and as a result, labels start losing. This can be avoided well by a dehumidifier. Instead simply put the bottles in the wine cooler and maintain its acceptable standard.

No mixing of wines with any other items of foods

Do not keep wines along with different foods in a place. This practice must be avoided. It is especially harming when you put wines together with some strong smelling foods. In brief, it can just spoil the wines by making it odorous.

Bars should keep wine in an insulated place where the smell of food must not reach. Bar managers are responsible for storing drinks/wine in a safe place.

Beware of vibration

One of the ideal wine storage conditions is a minimized vibration. Excessive vibration causes your wines to get chemically reacted. This results their premature ageing while your storing objective is to age them slowly. The result of premature aging is conversion of wine into vinegar.

Use Vertical Wine Racks and maintain horizontal storing

Similar to other storage units, the wine storing rack should be ideally vertical in shape. In horizontal racking system, the storage racks will go upward whereas vertical racking makes space loss as it is extended and stretched. No traditional wines should be kept vertically simply because, when it is stored vertically, wines inside will be always in contact with the corks instead of its interior walls. As a result, in the long run, the corks will get dry and contracted. This will ultimately result exposure to air which is not at all granted in wine storing. Ultimately, oxidation will make your wines ruined. Please mind that slanting or diagonal storage is also dangerous for wines to remain in order.

Equatorial region issues

In too much humid environment, there is every possibility of damaging the wine labels. It is better to protect the labels with plastic protectors. People live in the equatorial region where both hot and cold environment is extreme, it is better to arrange wine fridges which is a compact is cost effective wine storage solution. You can also look for the wine storing service provides locally which is the best economical way for your wine storage.

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