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You might wonder if there is a component that is very important in a computer set, some may say that it is the CPU which the brain of the computer, and the less would be the mouse where you can do the job of the mouse through the keyboard or the most will do the job of the keyboard by using a virtual keyboard.

about computer monitor

There are people will treat their monitor less concern, and after all even a blind person can operate a computer by the use of and voice instructing software which is available in the web for free.

The purpose of this article is giving emphasis on monitor, though every part of your computer is important to the system’s proper functionality. Monitor of your computer that acts as the screen of your computer and has almost the same functionality as the Television in your home. This means that TV and Monitor have the same hazardous effects, radiation. The irony is, we can hear from other people or medical practitioner that we should be set apart from the TV at least 4 meters away but we ignore that we use the computer almost 1 meter apart. So how then we can break this habit?

Eventually, there are products widely available in the market that will prevent radiation from using the computer or there are computer accessories that is place on the monitor to prevent the emission of harmful radiation, though I will not be entitled to point a product but you can always visit a computer store and inquire about it and also you can use the internet to browse this products from the online stores.

You must also be aware about screen resolution, every monitor has its own description in terms of resolution, and the thing is that the higher resolution there is the better screen projection it will have. Higher resolution means clearer and good for graphical use such as graphic design and also be reminded that it must be compatible with the Video Card installed in the system, so a higher resolution monitor will be working to the fullest if you have a high capacity Video Card like having 1GB but 512mb can do but vie for the best.

But if you where more focus on typing documents or any text related jobs, the select the cheaper computer monitor, remember that lower resolution means cheaper price. Look for cheaper monitor for your computer by availing computer store promos and discounts, and also look for the brand new one and not buy second hand monitor, though it is much cheaper but it will probe that you save in brand new one in the long run one. Again, I’m always advising that if you can afford to have a LCD monitor then it is the best than having a CTR monitor, LCD monitor will consume less electricity than CTR monitor and it means that lesser electric bill in the long run.


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