India's Own Personal Card Reading For July

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Just a quick three-card reading to provide a sort of "psychic weather forecast" for India as of July, 2015.


Hello again, folks!

This time, I'll be having a bit of a peek at India with my pack of Bikes. The standard rule applies, as always; I ask for a general idea of what's going on. Divination's a tricky business, so I use a few of my own tricks in response. A deck of playing cards and keeping things relatively near the now usually does the trick. Enough pointless prattle, let's get on with it!

Medium: One deck of playing cards.

Spread: Standard three-card plus two elaborations.

Question: What is India most likely to deal with in the month of July.

Now, let's get on with the reading.

The Reading Proper

July promises to be a very interesting month for the nation of India. The Joker shows up first, which in my spreads stands in for change, but this is not a dangerous or horrible chaos which we all know and fear. It simply means some stuff is up in the air right now. When I requested an elaboration on this card (always, always demand an elaboration for a Joker,) I received the Queen of Hearts.

Contrary to what Lewis Carroll teaches us, nobody will be decapitated (probably.) No, it simply means that the deck is being reshuffled on home territory, so to speak. The disorder is an internal issue, and one that is getting ready to come bubbling up to the surface after a bit of stewing. Again, nothing horrific, just inconvenient.

This leads us into the second card in the spread, which is the Queen of Clubs. When she pops up, it shows that help is basically on the way. However, this help comes with a price; you have to help yourself. This lady provides guidance, wisdom, experience, and she's the one you'll think of the instant this card pops up. Given the scope of this reading, I'm calling it a politician who knows her business, has some experience and a head level enough to pull someone out of the metaphorical quicksand.

The Queen leads us to the Four of Clubs, which indicates potential. However, this potential must be worked for and earned, like plowing a field. The ground's fertile enough, but a fat lot of good it will do someone who doesn't even bother to work it. Nothing's happening now, but it will soon (as soon as the work is done, of course,) and it must be prepared for accordingly.

I did request an elaboration upon this card to find out what the likely outcome after this would be. The result to this is the Ten of Hearts, which shows the promise of a sort of "all's well that ends well" style of ending. To be a bit more precise, given that this is a national reading, it means that the likelihood of the earlier havoc subsiding is strong, and the country of India will be better off for it. Try to think of it as a happy ending, but...

After all, it has to be worked for.

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen!


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
5th Jul 2015 (#)

I read with interest your card reading as I am deeply concerned about our country. To tell the truth I could not understand what is in store for the country. Nor your piece gave me a clue of the events likely to take place. Unless you are more specifi, your reading will go over the head of uninitiated people like me.

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