Inside Look: Chemical Reactions

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A close look at Chemical Reactions with an in depth look at table salt.

Inside Look: Chemical Reactions

The central focus of chemistry is on the way in which chemicals interact with one another. A chemical reaction involves a change in which reactants chemically interact to form new products.Products resulting from chemical reactions typically have chemical and physical properties that are very different from the reactants which produced them.

For example, sodium naturally occurs as a soft metallic element that is extremely dangerous to work with. In the presence of water, sodium reacts violently, producing heat and liberating flammable hydrogen gas.

Elemental Chlorine, a pale yellow gas, is also dangerous and can cause severe lung damage when inhaled in concentrated form. However, when these two potentially fatal chemicals come in contact with each other they produce Sodium Chloride that is essential to human existence. This compound is most commonly known as table salt. There are numerous observations that indicate the occurrence of a chemical reaction.

Some common indicators are a change in the pH of a solution, the formation of a solid (precipitate), the evolution of a gas, the evolution of heat, or a change in color.


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25th Sep 2014 (#)

Brief and awesome. So, I've learnt something about two chemical products, because chemistry isn't my strong link. Gongratulations for having been author of the day toda. Cheers!

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