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Look around the street or walk on the roads, chances are that you may encounter a stray/pet dog somewhere.

Dogs n squads

Dogs belong to canine family and bears a close resemblance to wolves and foxes. Totally cornivorous with a basic predatory nature, a mammal and interestingly intelligent-whatever be the breed. There are more than 800 breeds all over the world.
Look around the street or walk on the roads, chances are that you may encounter a stray/pet dog somewhere. Many are scared of being bitten by a dog because the mind runs through a threat of rabbies…injections. Frightened, the person may never like to visit a house who has a dog or even a chance sight will send the victim intro a tizzy. That is ‘doggy impact.’
Hollywood has made hundreds of films with a dog as the protagonist. One of the earliest films ‘Lassie’ is about the adventures of a Collie Later, ‘White Fang’ and his adventures were immortalized on screen. While White Fang was an Alaskan Husky, K(‘s were Alsatians.
In hindi films, the dog would invariably be called ‘Moti’, ‘Tiger’ or ‘Tommy. Later it was ‘Tuffy’ in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Usually, the character of a dog in Bollywood films is to guide the hero to the villain’s den where heroine and hero’s mother are being held captive. As an object of amusement, a dog is often used as comic relief. Many comic books have featured dogs as characters. The general perception portrayed is that of intelligence, loyalty and sensitivity which is rare in other animals.
Dog Squads of the world
The British pressed into service many types of dog breeds during their rule in India. At present, cats rule the pet scenario in Europe but dogs dominated a major part of the world. Indians also use dogs to track down the insurgents. The dogs are trained to follow commands like obedience, discipline, search and trailing. The purpose is to hone their olfactory skills. Very often, a single dog is generally trained to obey the orders of the handlers only.


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Actually all dogs descended from wolves. A few grammar and spelling errors you might want to fix

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I know my boys give me a laugh or two every day. I just love dogs. Thank you for sharing.:)

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