Internet Browsers: When Should You Use Certain Browsers?

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There are many Internet browsers out there with different strengths. You can easily learn when to use a certain browser.

Internet Browsers

Here we take a look at the three most popular web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Each of these browsers have their strengths and weaknesses, and this article will show you how to reap the strengths of each browser.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the top browser on the market, though mainly because it comes preinstalled onto every Windows computer. It's main feature is security. Microsoft made Internet Explorer the safest browser out there in terms of protection from phishing, malware, and privacy. It also is compatible with almost all webpages because it is the main web browser and is compatible with HTML5. However, it is slow compared to other browsers out there and there aren't many non-toolbar add-ons. Also, it's popularity makes it a magnet for spyware and viruses, even if it's security is top-notch

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is fast (although not as fast as Chrome) and very customizable. It has Personas to change the look of the browser and add-ons to help you use the web easier and faster. Firefox has the most add-ons of any browser. The Awesome Bar is a very smart URL box that guesses what websites you want to go to based on popularity and your history. Firefox isn't as popular as Internet Explorer though, and it isn't compatible with as many websites. It isn't as safe as Internet Explorer, although it is relatively safer than other browsers.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome came out a couple years ago, and it has built a solid reputation of being the fastest web browser along with Opera. It is also customizable, with themes that change the look and feel of the browser (like Firefox's Personas), and add-ons that makes surfing the web more convenient and faster. It has a light interface that lets users see more of the webpage and less of the browser. However, Google can see your web browsing history if they want to, and shares browsing information with third-party sites. Chrome isn't very secure either.

When Should You Use Certain Browsers?

Because of its security, Internet Explorer is a good browser to use when accessing any online account, especially bank and credit card sites. Chrome is a very nice all-around browser, although it doesn't have as many features that power users would like to have, such as toolbars. Therefor, Firefox is good for power users and light users alike, and Chrome is better for light users who want speed in their browsers. Internet Explorer is also very good for power users, but probably not for light users because of the lack of speed IE has.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

good pointers. people should have the ability to use at least two and pick accordingly.

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5th Nov 2010 (#)

Good advice.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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