Internet search tips and techniques

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Web searches are done with search engines. With these, various searches can be made using key words in the search box. There are a few search tips worth considering, in relation to the key words.

Internet search tips and techniques

Of course, you can attempt to search the Web without a search engine. Related websites may well have links to others, so they can be a good way to search. However, it is not ideal.

Web directories are another option. These provide a variety of website listings, and so can be good. The dmoz Web directory is a good example.

For more specific search engines, search engines are better suited. To begin with, it is worth noting that there a few search engines for searches. However, most recommended are the likes of Yahoo, Google and Ask Jeeves which many consider to be the best search engines. There are also meta-search engines, which search other search engines.

As mentioned, most search engines are text based and rely on key words. So overall, the keywords entered do need to be fairly specific. For example, a search for Martini Asti will not be much good as wines or champagne. Instead, the actual name of the wine would be best to include.

Quotation marks can also be worth including for some searches. For example, let us say for the title of a book or band. With quote marks included with the search, the search will be more specific to the book title.

The use of an asterisk can be good for omitted words, let us say for example a book author. With a book title and then by * included the search engine will likely return the authors name and book.

It is possible to search for a combination, or combine searches, by using and or or in a search. By using and, you can combine searches. For example, you can search for related material by using and. Then by including or in a search this is more separate, for less related searches.

With the pages listed, have a good look through the pages. The top pages listed will likely be the best, however you should also consider some pages lower down the search. You may still find something relevant.

It is also worth noting that web browsers, such as Firefox, include a search box for searches. You can use this search box, to make searches with a variety of search engines.

Overall, such search tips will likely give better searches. Web searches need to be specific, and in addition to this they can be combined for better searches.


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