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While listening to a Wayne Dyer tape I responded to a challenge which entailed taking a walk in a dark woods in the early hours of a day. This short piece talks about that stroll in the woods, and the joy I experienced as a result.

The Challenge

A few years ago, I was listening to an old Wayne Dyer tape entitled "Your Life Begins Now". I have always garnered worthwhile information from Wayne, so it was no big surprise that, on this tape, I heard something that really struck home: He said that we each receive a wake up call from God between 3:00 - 6:00 A.M. For most of us that means we glance at the clock, roll over, and go back to sleep.

He suggested that we get up when we receive that call and get outside for a walk, just as quickly as possible. He said to walk in the woods if one is available, otherwise, walk on the street. He added: that if one could do this for two years, with no fear, then a shift in one's paradigm would occur.

I suspect that simply doing this creates a paradigm shift and I would imagine that sticking to this regimen, for two or more years, would create many shifts.

Regardless, I had been hearing within myself a need to wake around 4:00 in order to get my morning pages written, my morning meditation done, and my exercises out of the way prior to starting my other morning routines.

I had not been really successful in this endeavor, however, as I gave in to resistance from my ego and my body in general. This resistance was manifested in a variety of ways, i.e.: Inability to go to sleep by a reasonable hour, waking several times before the designated wake up hour, and the list goes on.

Anyway, one crisp, spring morning I was able to pull myself out of bed at 4:40 and had completed my morning papers by 5:00, so I headed off to the woods.

There is a 120-acre wooded area to the north of my house, which was (at that time) several months away from being developed.


I have to tell you that it was completely incredible walking in these woods, so early in the morning.

Shortly after I entered the woods, I began silently applauding myself for "walking through the dark woods without being afraid". I thought to myself, this is really a pretty simple exercise, as my mind was busy noticing my fearlessness.

I had just entertained this thought when I noticed some shadow figure to my right. As if charged by an electrical jolt, unexpected fear shot through my body, totally bypassing the controls established by my rational thoughts.

I had to chuckle since that demonstration manifested at the precise instant my ego had declared that I was without fear.

Self-laughter relieved my body of the fear voltage and I had just calmed back into awe, at the magnificence of the woods, when a Turkey came off his roost some 20 feet in front of me. I could not see the noisy fowl, but there was no mistaking his call and his space defying racket as he took off.

Another injection of adrenaline set my heart racing and my mind, once again, began laughing at how easily I could be shocked into fear.

A little further, on the amazingly illuminated deer trail, and I found a small clearing that simply took my breath away. I can not describe what was so beautiful about this spot, but I simply stood there and listened.

Tai Chi Spot

I decided that this was the perfect spot to do my "Chi Moving" exercises and had just started on the second exercise when a large (deer I'm guessing) started up the trail toward me.

This animal was large as evidenced by the attention-grabbing thud, which was clearly heard with each step. He (again I'm guessing here) stopped some thirty yards in front of me, and just stood there snorting. He clearly had detected my scent or sound and decided that it was not a prudent idea to continue up this path.

I squatted down and tried to send a message, not to fear me; that I would not harm him, but I suspect the message was directed more at myself than at this wonderful creature.

He decided that turning to the east was the wisest route, and he trotted off. I returned to my exercises and absorbed the wonder of God with each cleansing breath.

I came back out of the woods just after 6:00 and returned home.


History has thus far shown that I lacked the discipline to continue the morning walk every day. I take each day as it comes. The woods were developed and the wildlife pushed further away.

Today, if I want to walk in the woods, I need to walk a couple of miles first.

While I have walked to the woods and walked through them, I have never duplicated the joy I felt while on that amazing May morning.

I am so very grateful for the guidance, which led me to this recording, at precisely the time in my life when I was already feeling the need to move in this direction. The Universe always seem to have a knack for this.


May your day be blessed by an awareness of awe for all of this magnificent creation.

Whether you feel called to walk in the woods, in the early morning hours, or to walk in a crowded mall, you can choose to marvel at the incredible beauty wherever you are. May you experience the joy of that choice.

Photo Credits

The photos used in this piece were used by permission of Pixabay. The artists are as follows:
Jplimio shared Morning in the Woods,
Pexels shared the Deer in the Woods shot,
Perkons shared the shot of two turkeys, which I edited down to one. Finally,
Jordan Stimpson shared the picture of the Dark Woods.

I am very grateful to each artist and to the site for the use of these photographs.


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