Invasion of the Spammers

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It probably started in the Stone Ages, cavemen tossing rocks into caves with messages chiseled on them until said cave dwellers had to relocate or club the spam rock throwers over the head.

The evolution of spam

I can recall the days of old when answering machines and faxes were all the rage. I remember running to the fax machine at the office after hearing the anticipated ring, buzz, gurgle, expecting something important to be spit out, only to discover some stupid advert for a 2 for 1 vacation offer. Soon what we needed was a vacation from being inundated with unwanted “faxertisements.” All day long dealing with the demands of work and having to refill the hungry fax machine with paper so they can send more annoying unwanted ads. At the end of the day you would get home and after sorting through tons of unsolicited junk mail, you notice the tell tale red light blinking on the answering machine. Expecting to hear the voice of a loved one or an invitation to go somewhere fun and exciting only to be braided by solicitation after solicitation for everything from timeshares to free this or free that, call now; delete, delete, delete. Despite being outlawed they prevailed through the turn of the century. Now they are invading every aspect of our digital lives and driving me nuts, maybe it’s just me because no else seems to be bothered by them at all. I never see anyone complaining and that is why I am writing this article, to shine some light on a peril that has not only negative economic consequences but also sometimes emotional ones as well.

The spam plague

Not unlike the “Black Plague” of the past, modern spam is a plague on humanity and technology as well. If I didn’t mention earlier the reason why spam is illegal is because of the huge cost in loss of productivity to business and the damage to technical infrastructure is unbelievable. Spam has a very negative impact on modern commerce as well as the psyche. If you or someone you know has not been victimized by this abomination, then you should write an article and share your secret with the rest of us. I feel bad for not having any constructive advice in this article short of disposing of everything digital you own. I know there are all kinds of anti spam software and protections against the menace but you (I) am always having to upgrade to keep up with their pervasive aggressions. Not to mention that now almost everything I do online I have to enter one of those dab nab bit captcha thingy’s. To just leave a controversial comment on some lame brain’s blog, takes an act of congress, it seems. I have to spend way too much of my not enough time dealing with spam, I am just sick of it.

We need a solution for spam

Short of resorting to the solution of the caveman days and hunting down these “dirty dogs” and whacking them over the head with a club, somebody needs to come up with a way of curing this out of control blight on digital society. Perhaps some code that you can send back over the modem line to attack their electronic computing devices causing irreparable harm and rendering them useless. If anyone has some suggestion please let us know. The cost savings alone to the private and business sectors would go a long way to ease the oncoming global recession and provide much needed jobs (spaminators). Perhaps this would be a good job for Al Gore, he did invent the internet after all and maybe this should be his responsibility. If no one will take the initiative on that, at least someone share with me how I can get rich spamming and go on one of those much needed free vacations they keep spamming me about. Thanks for reading and remember comments are always welcome.


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author avatar ppruel
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

Your first commentor is a spammer - and this is common. everyone is also complaining about this including myself. I heard that this problem is already brought to our Wikinut management. I don't like spam in spite that it adds views still I hate spam. I wish Wikinut Admin will install a delete button in every page for us wikinutters for this awesome spam.

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author avatar Robb714
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

ppruel, thank you for commenting. It is ironic to be spammed on my article about spam. However, they do not stay long enough to count as a view. Spamming is illegal in the US. I found a great new site last night. Google is getting in on the content for pay arena. Check it out. If you google top articles list they are number one, naturally, Triond is 28 and Wikinut was not in the top 50. Keep posting.

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

I am all for us having control of our message boards also. They are just parasites, they feed off of others. They do not deserve the leeway they get. Nice read on spammers. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Robb714
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

Denise, thanks for that. I have missed you. Am I missing your new post or have you taken a break?

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