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If you think your friends would be interested in joining Wikinut, you can use our invite friends system.

How does inviting friends work?

You provide a personal link for people to use, that will connect them to your account. If they then choose to join Wikinut, you will be tracked as the referer.

You'll also see another link in your menu called Your referrals, which will show a list of all the friends you have invited.

Remember, friends will only appear on this list once they have joined via your link and confirmed their email.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can invite?

No, absolutely not! You can invite as many people as you like, so long as you don't spam people - that's against our terms of use.

Just make sure you always use a tracked invitate link, otherwise we won't know who you referred. So long as you follow the instructions on our invite friends page you'll be fine.

Why are people on my list that aren't my friends?

You may see people appear on your invited friends page that you don't know. This is because we also track any new user that joined by clicking on a register link from one of your pages.

This means that the more readers you get, the more people could appear on your invited friends page!


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