Irish Wheaten--not your ordinary pooch.

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An Irish Wheaten is the ticket when buying a family dog.

Where is it written a grandchild must come with two legs?

My spouse and I celebrated our 52nd anniversary on July lst, 2015. Everyone told us how young we looked and how neither of us had changed in years.

Perhaps we do look younger, but it’s cold comfort when you consider what we don’t have- grandchildren. Since our son is an only child in his late forties, the chances of his 42 year old spouse getting pregnant is about as good as winning the state lottery.

I’d love to be a grandmother—I’m way past requesting that my son-if I have a grandchild-- call me Nana, rather than the old-sounding word, grandma. At my age and with no grandchildren, grandma is a beautiful word.

As a year’s roll by me try and rationalize not having grandchildren... Grandkids tie you down-you’re always worrying about them—you’re thankful you’re not being asked to babysit on a Saturday night. All of this is true, but still there’s a deep yearning in me to have a grandchild. I don’t ask my son and his wife, ‘when?”, because that’s considered none of my beeswax. I just go into my magical thinking mode, and continue to hope.

I would love to have a little girl grandchild. I know the most important thing is that they’re born healthy, no argument in that, but I never had a daughter and would love the experience of fussing over a little girl.

Heck with the leaves, I'm lookin' for a squirrel!

But as they say, it is what it is, and it looks like I’m not going to have a grandchild.
But I have a “grand puppy”.

The day my son and his wife bought Kona, an Irish Wheaten to live with them and she changed our lives. We focus on that little dog as much as we would a human being,
That is to say we do corny things like remembering her birthday and spoiling her rotten with dog toys.

We take her everywhere with us, swimming, camping, eating-out, taking care of her when my son and his wife travel to Europe. (Which is about once a year.)

One day when we went out to eat with them, I was dressed to kill—well, dressed up anyway,
And when I saw Kona, I hugged and kissed her like nobody’s business. She caught her paw in my crochet sweater, and licked off my eyeshadow as she gave me her “wheaten greeting”.

I loved it and wouldn’t change that greeting for a new sweater or fresh eyeshadow. Wheaton’s are hard-wired to greet—they actually pout when you reprimand them. It’s like you’re going against their nature, and the fault is with you not them. When you reprimand them, they tend to pout. One time I reacted to her putting her paws perilously close to my pearl necklace, and she sulked in the corner for a half hour. When I came over to apologize, she’d turn her head away from me. It was spooky-human.

As I said, the dog changed our lives by bringing in more reasons to love and to show that love. It may not take the place of grandchildren, but doggone it, it’s pretty close!


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th Aug 2015 (#)

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I must say you both look very young! You must take your vitamins. Smiles to you!

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author avatar Kingwell
17th Sep 2015 (#)

I have two grandchildren but I rarely get to see them as they live in Ontario and I'm in Newfoundland. Blessings.

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