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we all know something about the black hole in our universe. But did you know some theories ready to wack your brain the black hole may be a shortcut to the other side of the universe or Maybe a time portal

Universe and The Black hole

The universe is mainly a collection of planets, stars and meteorites and asteroids and nebula(i dont know 'bout it so dont ask me) and the most mysterious of all the black hole.
The collection of all this in an infinite, time bound space can be called a Universe. The universe is said to expand and contract ,though not at one time. the space is a mystery for many of us, we gaze during night time to the sky and see the bright white moon ,and feel ,if we were there......

There is practically No if or where in the universe because even light takes infinity to reach the other side of universe. The black hole is a region of black space formed in the universe (Intensely dark in color)
What the wikipedia says-

"A black hole is defined as a region of space time from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping"

What do many scientists believe...

Many Scientists are of the opinion that black holes are portals that connect two parts of Universe.When we fold a page into two and make a hole on the folded page, what happens is that we create an imaginary tunnel from one part of page to the other which is shorter in length when we actually go through the length of the page.
If we open the page again, this tunnel is broken, but in case of the Universe, the tunnel remains.
But, we know that if we go through one part to the other part of the universe (shortcut route) then we must save time. Even light saves a few million years when it will take a shorter route( through the hole) than the actual one.

There are a few theories surrounding it that state that this hole is a timeless structure, i.e when you pass through one of them, YOU TAKE NO TIME TO REACH THE OTHER END.These holes have a very strong gravitational pull and even light cannot escape it.
Black holes, as described by scientists may be a sort of the exit gate to alternate galaxies or bigger and brighter (and more full of life) universes.
The earlier theory simply stated that matter would be broken down into component parts but the present theory claims that out of the 100 billion galaxies lie 100 billion black holes that connected past to future, from dimness to reality.

Why the black holes cannot be explored.....

When we talk of mystery in any field, we do not make theories beforehand, do you. We study the mystery and then jot down facts, we try to explore the unknown and then make conclusion. So why is the black hole an exception to all the cases?

The black hole Has a very high and large gravitational field ( Up-to a few Kms in radius). Such a force field can a experienced from a few million kms, hence a close study of this thing is not possible. Most of the well-known science centers have launched small high powered cameras that are sent to examine these holes.
There are even plans to send small micro-cameras to these holes, but still they are plans.
Even though we cannot know the full reality of these worm-holes for now. We have to be satisfied with the prevailing theories.
But, till then watch sci-fi movies and keep a scientific aptitude ~!

What I believe.....

consider the universe as a time-bound space which is coiled like a spring. This spring is a coiled structure containing space time whereas its outer space is NOTHING (infinity). If we were to consider a black hole to join the two adjacent coiled ends. We would reach a different part of the universe in practically no time. i.e we would reach the Future (we do not take time to move through the black hole, but the time doesn't stop for the natural universe)
You could go from one end and reach the other through this coiled universe theory.thus the black hole may be considered a tunnel to the past or to the future.
Still, How many of you are Convinced by this?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jun 2014 (#)

In our present physical form we cannot travel the distance. What we see is what we believe. It can well pan out later that all this is just a dream to wake up to a reality later. However, we can start the process of unraveling the mystery brick by brick - siva

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author avatar pratik
28th Jun 2014 (#)

Black hole is an imminent topic of interest for generations among our scientists and philosophers. many also believe that apocalypse can be due to a massive black hole.

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