Is Cycling important in daily lives?

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Cycles are the cheapest mode of transport in the country The only criteria is that we have to know how to cycle. Cycling can help us to reach to a far distant place. Cycles are popular every where. It is very easy to cycle and move form place to place in the villages and towns.


Every house hold has more than one or two cycles in the villages. The members of the house hold use the cycles either for s short journey or a long journey in the area. They feel comfortable to use the cycles or the bicycles. The tricycles are used by the physically handicapped persons for their comfortable movement.The young boys and girls use their cycles to go to schools They enjoy cycling while going to the play ground for sports and games in the afternoon. The boys' cycles are different from the girls' cycles. The elders use the cycles to their convenience. Those who are expert in cycling can carry more than one passenger on the cycles. The cycles are also popular in the towns. In the town cycling is important for distant communication without waiting for bus. They may go to the market, to the hospital, to the railway station and the bus stand. They may go to their relatives house for attending their function. In times of crisis, they may use cycle to convey their massages. So cycles are a must for every household. Cycles are the cheapest mode of transport enjoyed by every inhabitant of the town.though cars and motorbikes are available in the town. These are costly in comparisons to cycles. It is in rare cases when the cars are utilized for transportation of seriously ill patients to the nursing homes or hospitals. The state government also donates cycles for the school going girls so they may attend schools without any difficulty to the far-off places. from their homes.

Importance of cycling in daily lives.

Uses of cycling is strictly prohibited on the main thoroughfares of the city. Uses of cycles may cause traffic accidents to the fast moving buses , cars and taxis. The traffic police are very much alert that no one can ply the cycle. only in lanes and bye-lanes cycles may be used. There are certain group of cycle lovers who clamour for the use of the cycles without any prohibition. But the state authorities do not encourage the use of cycles on the busy roads. It is no doubt a fact that use of cycles do not cause air pollution but the rush of traffic on the working hours on the busy roads may cause disruption if the cycling is allowed. Moreover cycling is not at all suitable in the busy hours of the city. The usefulness of cycling is more prominent in the villages and towns than in the city. Cycles may be used in the parks and the play ground of the city. Cycling is a good physical exercise and may be practiced on the ground. Young boys and girls may take cycle ride on the play ground. They may take training how to ride a bi-cycle. All these exercises are good for health.They may participate in cycle race.


Cycling is important in daily lives of the villages and towns, but not important in the city life. Uses of cycles are many and varied. Cycling is the best self transportation of the transport . It can cover long distance of the movement. It can carry essential goods from one place to another . Cycling may be time consuming in comparison to other transports like bus , taxi and cars. Last of all it can be said that the bicycles are friendly and popular in the country.


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26th Aug 2015 (#)

great article thanks for sharing!!!

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26th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouraging remarks.

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28th Aug 2015 (#)

I too like to cycle. I stopped when mine was stolen. Now I walk everywhere. Nice article.

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30th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouragement.

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