Is Number 13 Unlucky?

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Number 13 is considered as unlucky. So the theme of this article is also the same.

Is Number 13 Unlucky?

The general feeling that number '13' is unlucky is just a superstition. This number is considered unlucky in almost all countries of the world. Many hotels do not have a 13th floor. In some hospitals there is no bed bearing this number. According to some experts 13 was an unpopular number from time man learned to count. By using his ten fingers and two feet as units he could count only upto 12. But beyond that, things were unknown and frightening to him.
According to religious views, superstition about '13' traces back to when christ dined with his 12 disciples and which proved to be his last meal. Since then this number came to be considered unlucky. Some people go back to story of Valhalla banquet in Greek mythology, to which 12 Gods were invited. Loki, the spirit of strife and mischief, intruded bringing number to 13. As a result, Belder, the favourite of Gods was killed. Since then 13 is considered unlucky.
So, whatever maybe the reason of talking '13' as an unlucky number, it has no scientific basis. No number is lucky or unlucky, they are just numbers used in calculations.


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