Is The Chinese Crested The Dog for You?

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The Chinese Crested dog is a great pet for both young and old. They make great apartment dogs. They come in hairless and Powder-puff which have long hair. These dogs can not take the cold so they will need a sweater in the winter. In the summer they can not get in the sun or they will sunburn.

Is The Chinese Crested The Dog for You?

The Chinese Crested is a cheerful little dog and a great pet. You can get the Chinese Crested in what is called Powder-puff and Hairless. The Powder-puff Chinese Crested dogs have long hair where as the Hairless Chinese Crested dogs are hairless except; they have hair on their tail, feet and head. Both are usually born in the same litter.

This dog was originally bred to hunt vermin. They now serve as affectionate, pampered and lively companion dogs.

The Chinese Crested dog breed is a beautiful and fine boned dog with long straight legs. Chinese Crested dogs come in many colors and color combinations, and they usually weigh from to 12 pounds.

Chinese Crested dogs can have progressive movement disorders and joint problems such as Patellar Luxation. They can also suffer from an eye problem known as Progressive Retinal atrophy.

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs can have very sensitive skin, and they will suffer from sunburn, dryness, acne, blackheads and other skin problems. The Hairless Chinese Crested dogs can suffer from tooth decay and tooth loss. Chinese Crested dogs usually live to be 13 to be 15 years old with proper care.

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs require less grooming than the Powder-puff Chinese Crested which has a long and dense double coat. They need to be brushed and combed every other day. Both dogs have soft, straight and silky hair. Their hair should be trimmed every few months to keep it neat looking. Both types of Chinese Crested are known for not shedding very much.

You must bathe the Hairless Chinese Crested often and give their skin special care because it is so soft and sensitive.

Chinese Crested dogs are known for being gentle, intelligent, alert, loyal, playful, affectionate and friendly. They are also known for being a little on the stubborn side. They are generally a well-mannered dog, and they do not bark much. They are a very good dog for families with children, and they get along well with other household pets.

They are known for being easy to train, and they socialize well. These smart dogs tend to learn and perform tricks quite easily. Chinese crested dogs are often suspicious of strangers, and this tends to make them a good watch dog.

They are smart little dogs that do great as apartment dogs. They are fairly active indoors. If they go outside they do love to dig holes if they are bored. It is best if they get a daily walk to keep them healthy because they will easily become overweight.
Hairless Chinese Crested dogs are better suited for areas where the climate is warmer. They are sensitive to the cold and will require a sweater. In the summer months, they need sunscreens because their sensitive skin will be damaged by the sun.
Chinese Crested dogs make great pets, and they are a fabulous addition to any home.

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author avatar Denise O
26th Jul 2012 (#)

Some really good information about the Chinese crested, I never knew any of this about them. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar A K Rao
26th Jul 2012 (#)

That is a great piece of information about the Chinese Crested Dog! Unfortunately this dog is not for me as I stay at a place were we have extreme climates! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar norlaw1935
26th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks for reading my article

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