Is There Really an Atlantis?

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Is there really an Atlantis or is this just a mere legend?

The Secret Of Atlantis

The story of Atlantis puzzles many people, but there are some who believe it was real. Here is a list of possible explanations to the theory of Atlantis:
Catastrophic Natural Disaster:

Some say a huge tsunami or immense natural disaster wiped out Atlantis. This could be possible if Atlantis was on or below sea level as this would've been very easily sinkable.
Noah's Flood:

Some religious people argue that Atlantis did exist at one point but was obliterated by the flood of Noah. This could be an explanation where some say Atlantis was the place the people mocked Noah and was then wiped of the face of the planet.
Destroyed By Tectonic Activity:

While the continents drifted apart and Pangea began dividing, some say Atlantis may have been crushed or scattered and then lost as time passed by.
Meteor Impact:

This is another possible reason. Perhaps one of the impacts landed on Atlantis and this may have sunk the city to the depths of the sea.
Collapse Of The Empire:

Much like the Roman and Ottoman empires, perhaps the Atlantean Empire also collapsed and there was nothing to stop the city from being eroded and eventually submerged beneath the oceans.
Uncontrollable Technology:

This may perhaps be a reason sought by many sci fi people and those that believe in it, however it too could be a factor in the loss of Atlantis. Maybe the Atlanteans possessed great technology and couldn't control it, therefore causing the city to be destroyed.

Whatever the reason for the end of Atlantis, it remains a legend..for now...


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